Drexel, Missouri

I was scheduled to have an Amazon order arrive today. When it wasn't here by 6 PM, I logged onto Amazon's website and the tracking said my package had been delivered to the front door. It wasn't there. I walked around to all my doors, including the attached garage and the shop that sits on the other side of the drive. Nothing. Let me add - I was home all day and would have seen a truck pull in.

I called Fedex and was told it had been delivered. Where? They dug a little further and told me out by the mailbox. Why did their website say the front door? I live in a rural location and my mailbox is a quarter mile down the driveway from my house. By the time I called it was not only dark, but cold and rainy as well.

Had this been a one time problem I would overlook it, but this is the type of service I get from Fedex in 100% of my deliveries. Packages get delivered to neighbors (a half mile away and they didn't have a clue who I was) or get sent back, unless I happen to catch it at the return center the day it was scheduled for delivery. Then I can call and give them detailed directions. 100% of the time!!!

Living in a rural location, I do most of my shopping online. I receive a lot of packages. UPS has never had a problem finding me, where Fedex can never find me even though I have called and left detailed instructions with them on more than one occasion. The Fedex driver(s) is/are lazy and unmotivated, in my opinion. I had a UPS driver last winter that carried a heavy box from the end of my driveway to my door because he didn't want to drive it during a snow storm. Granted, that was unusual, not expected and I would have been happy to wait for that delivery. But those were extenuating circumstances. I cant' expect an on time delivery from Fedex on a good day.

To make matters worse, when I called this evening to speak with customer service and started complaining about the lack of service and ongoing issues I have with Fedex, I got hung up on. I called back and insisted on speaking with a supervisor.

Dominique in the Atlanta Cat Department tried to be very understanding and apologized for the inconvenience. She offered to hold while I went to my mailbox to find the package, which was ridiculous as far as I was going to have to go to retrieve it. She took my number and told me someone would be following up.

I was on another phone call when I received a phone call from Fedex, it couldn't have been 15 minutes later. I had not had time to go looking for my package yet. The woman that called suggested maybe I should insist on UPS for my deliveries from now on. I believe I will, but certainly did not expect that recommendation to come from a Fedex call center. Do they get any training?

Immediately after getting off the phone I got in my car (remember, it's cold, dark and rainy) and drove to the mailbox (fortunately I didn't have any young kids at home to have to load up as well). I'm so glad I did. I found the package. It was a box. It was sitting behind the mailbox post. In tall grass. In a ditch. Apparently the delivery person tried to keep the box dry by laying "Large Pak" tyvek envelope over the top of the box. It had pretty much slipped off. The box was pretty wet. Did I mention I had ordered books? They were sitting in a wet box, in a ditch, by the road, in the cold rain, in the dark. Fortunately I got out there before the moisture had completely soaked through the box.

This is the kind of service I have come to expect from Fedex.

Fedex - do us all a favor and admit that you're to *** to make rural deliveries and stay in the city. I'm assuming you do a better job there.

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Fedex took my package to a wrong address and do not care one hoot to boot

I now know I will NEVER use FedEx again either. I ordered something off of eBay and I have yet to see it.

I slept on the couch to be able to hear the knock at the door for my package, 05/14/12, only I never heard it. Check online and the "delivery exception" note is left on the tracking system, but no note was left on my door. How is it that I can be woken up by people upstairs and walking by my apartment door in heels, but never heard a knock?! That was on Saturday.

Because of that I had to wait until TODAY, 05/17/12, to have it delivered again. It's been on the truck since 4:12am...it's now 7:30pm and still not here. I'm done with this company.

It's my first and last complaint with them, that's for sure. :(
worked for fedex for 25 years. boy oh boy, the stories i could tell you!!

it's a major miracle anything gets delivered these days.

back in the late 70's and until early 2000 it was o.k., but now...forget it!! :?
Bandito Dog

I too live in a rural area and the FedEx guy knows where I live but refuses to deliver. He has even told me that he does not have to deliver to my rural address.

FedEx customer service could care less.

Yes, I only use UPS. However, some companies will only ship FedEx, so unfortunately they don't get my business


It seems that fedex is amazing at losing packages. I've had horrible luck as far as them actually making deliveries to me and when they do, the item is horribly damaged at least 50% of the time.

So when I factor that I receive the item 50% of the time and when I do it's often damaged, why would anyone use their service? Mine was also left at the front door though when I called, they weren't aware of which street I lived on. They had my address, but the address the driver left it at was different.

Wondering if I'll ever see this item. This is a replacement for an item they lost the first time!


What a typical complaint.. probably a little overdone..

Please use UPS.

FedEx Ground guys and gals buy their own gas, maintain their own truck and out of the way stops like yours just make them lose money. You will be doing everyone a favor by not using FedEx any longer.


I used to work at the NJ Call Center for FedEx as a Sr. Customer Service Rep who would screen customer complaint calls on occasion.

In my day (1989-2006, until my disability) FedEx's training was EXEMPLARY - 12 WEEKS of Policies, Procedures,Role playing, and Buddy calls once on the phones before you were allowed to take live calls, and then just pick-ups and POD's until anonymous screenings from your Supervisor felt you were ready for the regular que.

Now, I began there before they rolled out FedEx Ground. There were changes with this. Ground deliveries are by Independent Contractors who are not full time regular employees of FedEx.

Also, many mass-quantity shippers have on file with FedEx, in order to receive vast discounts, what's called a "Shippers Release On File". This means that all the Courier has to do is scan the pkg Delvd, but on the Customer's Service Screen it gives a POD with the note :Shippers Release on File: Conversely, if a freqent recipient in an Apt bldg or even a rural area (I have a friend who lives about a half-mile up a mountain in Washington State, for instance) has a little bin for package deliveries from UPS, Fedex, at the end of a long drive labeled "deliveries" it will be stated on record that is where you are willing to accept Shipper or Rcpt release deliveries, but The USPS Will NOT use it!

The procedure I used to use was to document the complaint, give the recipient a Control Number, and a Manager either from the Station (where the Couriers are dispatched from) or a Sr. manager from a call center would try to reach a resolution.

FedEx (and UPS) are excellent companies with a reputation they work very hard to maintain.

I'll always remember the initial trace I heard the desk of Sr. Managers trying to resolve was a Chia Pet sent to then still Soviet Union. When a complaint is escalated, an agent used to be able to file claims, and offer good will gifts - like fruit baskets.

But when I worked there, it was a different world. As I said, the Independent contractors do not have their performances tied to their reviews and subsequent raises and/or promotion opportunities.

My advice? Ask to speak to Memphis corporate offices. ( A complaint with ANY company should be elevated to Corporate, I've learned) Prepare to offer AWB (shipping label) numbers regarding the shipment and any control number you have gotten in the mean time. GET NAMES! Now, each time a CSR documets a call (and it should be Every Time), her or his Employee Number is automatically attached, as well as the delivery Courier who "Delivered" your package!

I'm confident your personal complaint will be logged, and a resolution will be reached.

PS: I have since been irritated by my former company! But it was during "Peak Shipping" and I still "credit" the poor service to seasonal temps ("Santa's Helpers" or Ground Service workers.)

Hope this helps you y'all!


I had numerous problems like this with fed ex. Except i live in an apartment complex and the packeges never got delivered when said they were. I had paid extra to have it delivered in 2 days (by wednesday) and 5 pm comes and no packages. I then check online and call fed ex and driver "wrote down" that she left at front door at 11:59. I was home all day waiting for that package and i have a dog so if there was a knock or someone at my door my dog , if not me, definetly wouldve heard and barked. None of this happend. Not only that i remember leaving my apt at 12 30 to go for lunch. What are the chances of it being possibly "stolen" in a 30 minute time period on wednesday, that they have assumed it was stolen or basically dont believe me. I have had packages sit at my door all day long from ups or in the ap, office, no problem. This is the second time this has happend with fed ex saying it was delivered but no package....

I guess I will never know what the *** the driver did with my package.

I will make sure never to go through fed ex again. They are terrible.

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