So I pay an extra $35 to get my package as quickly as they can offer, it makes it 600 miles to my city in a day. Five days later I still haven't received the package because of one of three possible reasons they gave me: 1) It's on a truck out for delivery (4 times?) 2) It's at a pickup location for me to pick up 3) It's in the warehouse to be loaded on a delivery truck.

Ok, I understand that maybe sometimes a package doesn't get out the next morning on a truck. But 4 times after that? They obviously don't know where the package is because each customer service agent gives me a different location, and the location actually changes on the destination tracking page.

Is this company run by monkeys? It's not like it's a hard task to check trucks after the delivery period to see if there are unclaimed/undelivered packages and then use the extra effort it takes these simpletons to read the delivery address and perhaps assess whether-or-not they should check into it.

If I ever get my package I will certainly have to check the hands of my delivery driver to see if he drags his knuckles on the sidewalk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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