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I recently terminated my contract with FedEx Ground. As a driver for FedEx Ground I was always mis-understood as being an employee of the FedEx Corporation.

ALL FedEx Ground driver are either self-employed or working for someone who is self-employed as an independent contractor. Fred Smith's (CEO of FedEx) biggest lie to the American taxpayer, American Government and the world is that he is getting away with is that he pays NO advertising revenue to any of his self-employed contractors. None. The drivers are required by contract to have the FedEx Ground logo on the side of the vans that THEY pay to finance, maintain and insure. The drivers are also required by contract to wear the company uniform with the FedEx Ground logo on it. The uniforms are so similar to the FedEx Express uniforms it's no wonder how people get confused.

Think about it. A rolling billboard starts at $490.00 per month give or take a few bucks. I have no idea what a model would make wearing the same uniform that the FedEx Ground drivers are required to wear. Way to go Fred! You're screwing the American taxpayer by failing to pay wages. And to file a lawsuit would on make the greedy laqyers all the more richer than they deserve to be.

I cannot wait until the jet fuel skyrockets so high that not even Fred Smith can compete.

Thanks Fred for being such a fraud and leading the world on thinking you're so *** great. You're not!!!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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