Fedex Crossborder Delivery Service Reviews

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Fedex has my shipment in clearance delay for now more than 2 weeks, they say all paper work is in order. I have asked that they do the custom clearance but it just sits in clearance delay and NO ONE seems to be able to do anything. I am sure Fred Smith, guy who started Fedex would roll over in his grave....sorry Fred if you are still alive. What a sad sad company to do business with. We will be using a different shipper for our business. We will...
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Bongo Us - Greedy Scammers !
So I went searching though the internet for a service that can get the shoes and send them to me. I found Bongous International (so unlucky!). I was so happy until the shoes arrived at Bongous warehouse. The price of the shoes with free shipping to the warehouse is 68$. Now they want me to pay 200+$ for shipping them to me(France). This includes shipping and some duty taxes that are 2x the the price of the actual product. I contacted them and...
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