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I wrote a FedEx ceo an email stating my situation:

Hello FedEx Executive,

My name is Colleen Henson and my shipment that was sent through your company was mistreated resulting in the death of the animal that was being shipped. I ordered an Asian Water Monitor for the amount of 149.90 including shipping costs from the Flordia Herps pet and supplies company. I paid for 24 hour live animal shipping and the shipment was promised on your website to arrive by 10 am on 03-04-2015. The shipment was late so I called your company they said it would be just and hour late. Then that hour passed and I called again they said that a truck the a couple days before with other packages not mine was late so they were delivering those. I was disgusted with that answer because your company should prioritize live animals to go out, I would not have been worried if it was makeup I ordered. Also I paid for the priority shipping so I had to remind them of that and with that they promised within the next hour and they would contact the driver. After waiting that hour I of course called another time and then again had to remind another representative it was a live animal when there legally should be a notice of that already when they did not see one. Again promised a different time when the shipment arrived 5 hours late. Now a lizard is shipped with a heat pack to keep them warm for the journey and besides the fact that it is a live animal the 24 hour shipping is meant for that heat pack. My of course could not withstand the circumstances of being pushed aside for 5 extra hours and not prioritizing a live animal or marking the box correctly. Well as you can tell I opened my package to a dead animal which was a terrible experience in itself. So I called your claims department to make one and had multiple representatives promise the claim would be accepted on a recorded line (feel free to pull the calls). They said all I would have to do is call the shipper and have them finish the claim as it was clearly FedEx at fault and not the shipper or me. So I contacted the shipper who proceeded to let me know that he has a contract with your company stating that he is not allowed to file a claim. Now I understand that company having a contract but FedEx had already promised acceptance of fault when they should be able to see that information. So legally FedEx would just have to approve a one time claim for that company so he is not breaking his contract. So I called FedEx again attempting to get someone knowledgeable and explained the situation once again to many people who once again admitted fault until I got to someone that said he would email and call the company letting them know to do the claim but he said he did not see a contract. So once again that was not helpful because your employees could not seem to understand what a contract is so a random telecommunications employee can not just tell the company they can finish the claim. Also I contacted the company again and they never received anything this rep promised and he never contacted me again as promised. In conclusion I have been a previous happy customer of FedEx but now I feel as though this company does not care about how the animals they ship are handled and in turn do not care about compensating their customers for mistakes. In my opinion if this was a mistake instead of carelessness the company would be working harder to help fix it and reimburse my purchase or fulfill my claim for a new reptile. I have spoke to and dealt with many people that do not keep promises or seem to know what they are doing so I hope and pray that you can help rectify the situation so I do not have to continue on this path to someone else. I would love to be finished with this but I will also not just put up with a company not caring that much.

Thank you for looking over my situation and I look forward to your response and resolution.


His executive assistant contacted me that day stating they would not do anything because it was a live animal shipment and would not take liability. They are the ones that were 5 hours late on the 24 hour live animal shipping I paid for. FedEx were the ones that prioritized inanimate objects shipping over what once was a living breathing animal. I proceeded to ask her if it is their responsibility to be on time and she stated they are not liable for anything on live animal shipments. So it doesn't matter that they are late, not caring about the animals well being, not marking the package correctly so possibly throwing the package around carelessly, they will not take responsibility for their actions and will mistreat what they'd like. So from everything I have been told no live animal shipper should work with this company if they want their customers happy and their shippments on time with the animal alive. As well customers for your animals health go to a shipper that does not use FedEx but uses a company that cares.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I live in an apartment in Omaha. Many times I see the fedX delivery truck arrive at my building.

The driver sits in his truck making out notices for residents then comes in and leaves the notices on mailboxes or in the entry. There is never an attempt to actually deliver a package. He takes them to the complex office and makes the recipients do his job. It happened to me again yesterday.

I was home all day and found the slip when I went to get my mail. A kind neighbor retrieved my package as I have some mobility problems.

If given a choice of carriers I always go with the US post office or UPS. Those people do the job they are paid for!

Turlock, California, United States #961220

Mi, stop being silly. The woman had an ordeal with fedex, and I can tell how frustrating that is.

Your comments don't help, and scream fedex troll. Same goes for Coobie.

So sorry to hear this. Fed ex is truly an evil company that doesn't care about their customers.

It is truly sad how far the corruption has gone. Same on Fedex.

to Bulldog Turlock, California, United States #961222

Shame on Fedex


Gosh those things are all over florida and they charged you that much?Thinking of opening new business when I go retire there in jan. and I dont even have to leave my yard those things are every where there.


Lizards are very delicate creatures........

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