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My front door was sealed off due to wildfire smoke, and a recently injured leg too painful to be hauling around to my back door a 40 lb package that was coming from Walmart. So, I put a sign both at the front door and also on another front window, asking that deliveries be left at the back door (see photos).

As you can see, FedEx drivers in Reno, NV, either can't read or don't care.

Trying to get someone at FedEx to help me, I called their customer service phone number. The computer that answers will do everything it can so that you can NOT talk to a human. IF, after struggling with it for 20 minutes or so, you can finally get to a human, they will not give you the local phone number for the FedEx distribution center near your house, nor are they capable of contacting the center themselves to get anyone to help you.

I guess we're lucky they don't just leave our packages out on the street, but I'll bet that will happen soon, once they replace their broken robot-like drivers with REAL robots. Hopefully THEY will be able to read.

User's recommendation: be aware that Walmart ships via FedEx; if a delivery error occurs, FedEx customer service is nonexistent.

Preferred solution: FIRE the FedEx driver who ignored my request and left my packages where I was unable to bring them inside without calling someone to come over and carry them to my back door.

Location: 1750 Industrial Way, Sparks, NV 89431

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Same problem with FedEx not to mention shipping it only took an overnight to get to its destination 28 days late


You are correct. I had the same problem.

They also don’t care. UPS is just as bad


Oh. But they do leave packages in the street.

They drop our deliveries in the grass area on the street at the entrance to our driveway. It’s hard to see them sometimes it’s a few days.


Kid, it is possible he did not see the sign. You seem to have an attitude with wanting someone fired.

Why would anyone want to talk to grump like yourself? You need to grow up and hopefully you one day learn how to be civil to people.


I just had a package delivered that belonged to someone 20 minutes away. Te address and house number we’re not even close. Who can you trust!


In my area packages are being marked as delivered but are not there. One woman said her package marked as delivered and she had been home all day.

She didn't see any truck and her security cameras didn't pick one up on them either. She called the nearest one and they didn't want to do anything for her. They made it sound like she was lying. Is the driver taking the packages?

We don't know.

If there was someone else stealing them it would have been on the security cameras. Seems the more we pay the worse all our delivery options get.


They don't care. I've gone through the same thing.


I have a sign that says ALL DELIVERIES on back deck. I watched one today, walked up to door, then went to the back deck. Thank you.


Doesn’t matter what company delivers, how they deliver it or whether “instructions” were followed or not, someone will always be complaining about their displeasure of service.


Shut up and until it happens to you and then we will see if you feel the same way.


GROW UP. If you don not like being told that you are wrong then don't post here.


Believe me you're preaching to the choir on this one! I've had the same issue with FedEx both in San Diego and also here in Sarasota FL!!


Drivers have anywhere from 150-300 house to deliver to nobody got time for special requests when they are one a time limit. Y'all customers be acting like y'all deserve more than what they driver gets paid for...


Why is that asking too much?! The man has a valid disability. Some of you people have no work ethic and no customer service skills.


Disability or not the man needs to grow up and treat people with respect. They have no idea that the man has a disability.

They just see the sigh and if they have to do a special request for everyone then they will be late for other deliveries.

I bet that if he had someone deliver his parcel late because someone else had a special request he would want the driver fired for that. He is nothing but a spoiled brat.


Fedex customers are not responsible for driver's schedule or their stupidity. Fedex is responsible to deliver TO the address.

I have had a driver leave a 55lb box leaning up against a tree on a road NEAR my house. I have posted signs and complained several times to no avail.


Well it really isn't the delivery drivers job to leave it anywhere but at or near the front door.The driver has a busy schedule, if he doesn't have time you can't put the blame on the driver.


they ARE responsible for following delivery instructions.... if package is damaged or stolen due to failure in such (I once had a new computer left with water running off roof in rain pouring onto it when instructions clearly said place inside garage). They will be held accountable.


I am disabled and have the same problem with Frdx only. All other companies delivered to the back of my house and up to the second floor. That actually is my packages right on the front sidewalk.


This happens with all the carriers here. I constantly have things stolen and Amazon, Walmart, etc get angry with me I think because I am constantly reporting items stolen but they don't understand that it is the carriers (USPS, UPS and FedEx) that cannot follow simple instructions!