Make sure you are in town whenever receiving a FedEx package [for direct signature]; or that you do not work late and miss the 3 delivery attempts. FedEx will hold the package for 7 days.

Their holding stations tend to be "way out" there in terms of proximity to a major city [i.e 1 hour drive to nowhere]. FedEx Ground will not re-deliver to a nearby Kinko's even though they'll probably be there anyway. They will not hold the package any longer so that you can get there when it is convenient for you. Their website says that they offer "flexible" consumer services.

But they were very much opposed to helping me pick the package at a convenient place or a convenient time. Thumbs down on FedEx customer service and their so called "flexibility"

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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consumer too

The shipper marked the package for direct signature. This is an add on service the shipper specially asked for.

FedEx would have left the package on your doorstep or with a neighbor otherwise. The station where you had to go to get the package is where all of the couriers from that area come from.

It's the closest Station to your location. At the end of the day the couriers go back to the station.


In instances like this...

Demand a change of address.

Re-route package by shipper to work, friend, family member's address.

If non-compliance by shipper,

contest CC charges.

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