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Wish you luck. They broke one of my fountain pens, damaged the cases of two others, aggravated me for three weeks over a toxic substances form for the three ink cartridges in the fountain pens (that I had already sent!) and broke a crock that they delivered at the same time they finally let me have my pens.

I had to spend 2 weeks trying to get the crock replaced. They tore open the package from China, with the pens in it, to "inspect" it. Then they crammed everything back in the box all torn apart and jumbled up in the wrapping.

They wanted a form saying that nothing in the package violates the toxic substance act. The toxic substance act is 6 volumes long! I wasn't going to delve into it to see if an ink cartridge is in compliance.

The seller contacted them and signed the form for them. Not good enough for this guy! So I signed it and hoped it was right. Not good enough still apparently. At least not for the guy who was harassing me about it. (The person I sent it to on the night shift said it was good to go and they would be shipping my package. The day guy came in and nixed that. We went at it for another two weeks.)

I finally told them to heck with it, they could just send the package back to China and argue with the seller about it along with probably losing his business. That is when they tossed my packages on my front porch and broke the crock.

Then they had the nerve to sent me a bill for $8.11!!! I wouldn't send it until it went to collections. Now the collections company just made a whole $1.89 for all the work they put into collecting it for these jerks.

FedEx sucks! I support my local postal worker. He treats me right.

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