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For about the past year and a half to 2 years, the service provided by fedex has significantly declined. You are lucky if you get 50% of anything shipped by them on time.

You are given excuses of weather, plane malfunction, mis-routed, mis-sorted, etc. It's getting almost ridiculous. I have NEVER once had anything go wrong with a UPS delivery and in fact, the usps is now much better than fedex. I have even spoken to usps staff advising them that now is the time to bump-up their courier service because there is a big hole to fill when it comes to that of fedex.....and I hope that the usps and UPS puts fedex out of business.

I know vendors who have stopped using fedex as a shipper simply because their service has declined so precipitously.

Avoid fedex whenever possible. Use UPS and the usps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I am using usps about 99% of the time now and am having a much better experience than I'd had with Fedex. Fedex used to be really great about 2 or more years ago but it had literally gotten to the point where almost 50% of overnight packages did not arrive overnight....due to multiple excuses. I've had almost every overnight via usps arrive overnight.

With Fedex, they ship packages way across the country unnecessarily to some sorting station before it backtracks to get to you and if there are sorting problems, plane problems, weather problems...you name it...you will not get the package overnight (even though you paid plenty to get it there overnight). Whereas with the usps, there is no sending packages way out of the way.....and they are sent via the most direct route to you. With Fedex, you know that if it's not made it out of Memphis TN overnight, you are out of luck. With the usps...even if the package ends up late getting to the local station, they will send someone out with it....even if it doesn't get to the local station until that afternoon. They will still send a carrier out so that you get the package overnight, just as you paid for.

I've had packages that are coming to me from a neighboring state and Fedex would send it halfway across the country and then backtrack all the way back to my area. This procedure is fraught with potential problems with weather, plane issues, etc.....and totally unnecessary. They should do what the usps does and reorganize their sorting station routes.....and take the most direct route to the customer.

My recommendation is to go with either UPS or usps. I've had excellent luck with them getting packages overnight and literally just gave up on Fedex. I have to say that their delivery staff has always been extremely nice, cordial and friendly and I have nothing negative to say about them....but the chances of getting packages overnight declined to about 50% and I just gave up and stopped using them unless they are the only courier the vendor uses.....and I try to avoid vendors that only use Fedex.


I worked there. They are much more concerned with dishing out $10 millon to the winner of their golf series than taking care of the employee who does the work.

Mgmt team is the worst of the worse. #1 on top 5 list of worst places I have worked and it reflects in the employee attitude and work quality

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