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I recently had a less than pleasant experience with the your express service.

My express package was time-sensitive. The zipcode was incorrectly recorded, but had the correct address. FedEx was aware of the mistake and immediately connected the shipper, which I appreciate. The shipper contacted me and asked that I correct the information with a rep at the center where the package was currently held. I spoke to the rep on on a Saturday. He was very helpful. We decided to have the package sent to my residency in the corrected zipcode instead of picking up the package at its current location. The rep noted that the package can be dropped off at my residency at anytime.

However, the events that followed were less than pleasant. On Monday, FedEx attempted its first delivery. Please keep in mind that I work 9am-8pm. The package didn't come and there was no tag left at the apartment. I called FedEx. There was no specific reason why the package had not been left. Instead, I left special delivery instructions to leave the package with any apartment tenant on the first floor. This is a common practice in the apartment building.

On Tuesday the package still did not arrive. For the second time, there was no tag left behind. I called FedEx again and left another special instruction that authorized the deliverer to leave the package between the accessible two doors in my apartment lobby. I stressed that the package didn't contain any valuables, only documents.

On Wednesday, I received my first FedEx tag. It informed me that they had unsuccessfully attempted final delivery. I called FedEx to inquire why the deliverer would not leave the package since they had my authorization. The customer service representative was unsure because the computer record didn't state that the sender requested any type of signature. The representative called the new shipping center where the package was being held. She informed me that there was a sticker on the package that said "Direct Signature Required."

This was my breaking point. It was now Wednesday and since Saturday I had called FedEx 3-4 times to ensure delivery. However, it took FedEx four days to alert me that the package required a signature. The final delivery tag I received from FedEx didn't even mark that the "Shipper requests direct signature option.

I believe there could be a solution. I was transferred to a supervisor in the FedEx Dallas call center. She explained to me that the package can make one more delivery attempt. As a 9-5 working individual, I would not be home between the hours of delivery. Furthermore, she said that the package cannot be rerouted unless it was authorized by the shipper. However, rerouting the package comes at an additional cost, which is something I feel is inappropriate to ask the sender in this scenario because FedEx would not take any responsibility for their obvious lack of consistency between stickers on a package and their computer records. Lastly, she stated that the package would be held at the new center, which was very inconveniently located in a less than stellar neighborhood for the next two days. If not picked up within the two day time frame, the already late TIME SENSITIVE package would be returned to the shipper.

At no point did FedEx take responsibility for their lack of consistency and record keeping.

If I had been informed from the beginning on Saturday that package required adirect signature, the experience would have panned out very differently. I would have informed the original rep that I would pick up the package at the first shipping location as it is only a few blocks from my employer. If not, I would have been a least aware that direct signature was necessary and I would have to be home to receive it.

As a result, I know must spend over two hours in the early morning attempt to go to FedEx.

In the end, I do not believe that this was the proper solution. I understand that rerouting the package my not be within my authority. However, there should have been another solution presented such as having the sender reroute the package free of cost. If the FedEx supervisor didn't have the authority to authorize a reroute I should have been transferred to her superior. FedEx should have at least taken an ounce of responsibility for their apparent lack of professionalism.

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i had a driver throw the package through my window and also forge my signature i am looking in filing a lawsuit because noone in customer service care


A driver forged my signature, I called Fedex fraud, Customer service, Corporate, no one cares. I'm currently looking into possible criminal charges.


I deliver everyday I try to get all of my packages off to everyone. When we see a package with direct sig "written" or however phrased on the box we get professional cause it could cost us.

When packages get delivered and they required signature and say the package disappears who is to blame?? Fedex why? cause there had to be some kind of signature for the package in this case the driver may have seen this label and was misguided by the signature required therefore he/she did the right thing. Our jobs are not simple, you make it seem like your tiny package is all we do all day long.

I can do between 270 miles to 400 miles a day deliver from 60 to 120 stops 300 to 400 packages a day rain or shine, snow, dirt roads, mountains everything believe you/me it gets done and believe one package may not make it off because of this sticker Signature Required if your not available SORRY. CHange your address to your office/or work Friend family member whoever if you want your package promptly make yourself or someone available.

Don't blame us were the middle man. You and your shipper need to be on your A game cause WE play by the rules and look for you packages safety.

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