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Shipment was supposed to be delivered on the 24th of December but apparently FedEx takes Christmas break really seriously and takes the 24th, 25th, and 26th off which for some reason means my shipment won't come until the 28th? I wasn't able to choose my carrier for this shipment but if I ever am able, I will choose UPS of USPS.

UPS double teams their trucks (at least around zip 98502) in the winter and especially around Christmas so they can ramp up and really deliver during the most critical days of the year. Having my package delivered on the 28th vs the 24th makes a huge difference in me being able to give a gift on Christmas or not. This is not the kind of service I or anyone I know wants.

On top of that, when I called their 800 number the operator told me the situation was 'Out of their control' now and everyone (FedEx and I) 'just' needed to wait for the shipment to come in. The 'delivery date' thing on the tracking page for my package said the 24th until midnight on the 24th, then the 'delivery date' option on the tracking page disappeared so I had no idea when my package was supposed to come or where it was"” I had to call in and the operator at FedEx told me that it would be the 28th at the earliest, but again the situation was 'Out of their control.' Ship UPS or USPS.

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It is the holiday season and NO shipping carrier guarantees a specific delivery date during the busy holiday season.

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