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I have had it with Fedex! The driver delivered the package to the wrong apartment complex (the package said 4249, he delivered it to 4359). How hard is it to deliver my package to the right complex?? I was tracking my package online, and it said that it had been delivered. I called the company, and they tried to tell me "no, it was left on your front door." Well, um, no. I was home all day and no one ever came. A day later, I received a message on my voicemail from a lady saying she received my package as it was delivered to her complex by mistake. She called from a blocked number and didn't leave any contact info, so I couldn't call her back. I called fedex, and they said yes, someone did call reporting that the package was delivered to her address by mistake and that the package was scheduled to be picked up on wednesday. Well, 10 days later and no package STILL, I called fedex again. The representative told me that the person I had spoken to last time forgot to put in the request to pick up, so no one ever got it...Whoops! This third person I was talking to said he completed the pick up ticket and I would need to call back the next day to see when I could receive my package.

I called back the next day and the person I talked to was A COMPLETE ***! He asked me to hold for "one second" and put me on hold for 8 minutes. He then came back on the line and told me to hold for "just one more minute" but it was another 5. He then came back on the line and started using a bunch of fedex jargon with me, saying "the ticket was generated and once dispatch receives it, it will be resolved." WHAT THE *** DOES THAT MEAN?? When am I getting my package? I explained to the employee that I didn't know what any of those terms meant, and he started having attitude with me!

I asked him when I could expect to receive my package, and again he used the same jargon with me. I told him that this was unacceptable, as I was supposed to receive my package 3 weeks ago. He then got defensive (extremely immature) saying, "maam! It's not our fault! The shipper wrote the wrong address on the package!" That really pissed me off. I had the tracking info, and NO, the shipper had NOT written an incorrect address on the package. To blame it on the shipper is ridiculous. Also, it IS your fault because one of your employees FORGOT to order the redelivery!

What makes things worse is that I don't think I'll ever get my package. They went to pick it up the other day and the person wasn't home, so they couldn't get it. Now I have to wait until the driver is back in the area to try again. And what if the person isn't home again? This is completely ridiculous.

Apparently fedex drivers think it's ok to just drop packages off at random locations.

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Torrance, California, United States #851737

Fedex delivery to wrong place and wrong signature no hope to stop the cost and anger...

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