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I live in an apartment and every carrier example UPS will drop off the mail in the apartment office if you are not available at the time of delivery. FedEx is the only *** carrier that does not do that.

I had ordered a $200 book and that *** Supposedly had left the mail at the door at god know what happened. I received a mail from them saying that "package left at door", was very surprised to see such an email. I called the 1800 number and resolved the problem. I called the company who I orderd the book from and explained the situation and he said he will call FedEx and confirm and then send me another book.

But I receive an email from the book seller saying that FedEx is not going to cover the expenses and the driver said hear this out "Delivered the book inside the door". How the F!@K would the drver deliver the book inside the door if I am not there.

Anayways I was out $200 so ultimately had to call my credit card company and get the refund from them. Try and avoid FedEx in Lawrence KS

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They're not required to deliver packages to your apt office if you're not home. However, if I know I have FedEx coming I just leave a note on the door to leave at office. Of course I have awesome UPS and FedEx drivers in my area, so I'm probably lucky.

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