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i have a scheduled day for movers which is today. I walk outside to take some garbage out & the 3rd party movers drive up to disassemble my bed.

As the 3 of us are walking to my door I notice fedex drives up, I say to the 2 gentlemen she's probably here for me. So I stop walking & walk towards her to say you're here for me because she's walking towards my door. She ask my name I tell her she verified the package & asked me for id, I told her fedex has never asked for id when delivering packages. So I said I will not give you id, she walks away stating I can get it tomorrow.

I asked her to call the company who sent the pakage, she wouldn't. Please take in mind these are the key access to where I'm moving. I took my package from her & she called her manager, she wouldn't allow me to speak to him, she asked him to call the police, he did, I gave her my liscence she states that I didn't want to show it cause it's an out of state liscence. I asked to take her to the office in which the team could verify I live here & I'm moving.

For some reason or another her manager told her my liscence was good enough.

I get deliveries on a weekly basis, I have never experience anything like this before. I will consult my attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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