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On Thursday, Dec. 20th, 2012, FedEx delivered a package to my home after dark around 7 pm.

The driver stated that he seen movement at my basement door, so he came to that door instead of the main entrance. My 17 year old came outside to sign for the package. My younger child came out(nosey)and let out dogs out of the home. Our terrier bit at his ankles and he kicked the small dog.

Our large dog jumped up on him, so my son invited him inside and apologized while he put the dogs up. When asked of he was ok, he said yes and my son am him both checked to make sure that no skin was broken. 3 says later, he showed up with the police to file a report. I apologized and told him that I would put the 8 year old family dog down because he bit the guy.

My vet bill was over $400 for required quarantine(10 says by law)

3 months later, I get a letter of intent to Sue from the driver.

No workers comp. Claim was file with FedEx.there was NO MEDICAL BILLS, ONLY CLAIMS FOR "EMOTIONAL DISTRESS".


Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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We just rec'd letter of intent to collect from a "claims company" for Fedex to cover drivers work-comp claim. Says a female del.

person fell and injured her hand running away from aggressive dog. This is news to me. Can ANYBODY just notify you that they somehow got hurt in your yard and get a payout? "...He said, she said?...Yes, we have an older boxer, and we do get mail/ UPS and Fedex deliveries, but know nothing about such an incident.

Doesn't someone have to investigate?

If they see a dog, maybe they should hold onto the package? I feel like I'm being extorted.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #678311

He was probably a contractor, and he would be filing a claim on his own workers comp ins. Why does it even matter? The dog bit him, and he handled it himself, sounds good to me!


Maybe this sounds a little harsh and inconsiderate but, your pets are YOUR responsibility. Unfortunately you cannot predict how they will respond to someone visiting your home.

Therefore you should've taken better precautions to avoid the dogs storming out of the house.

I have a large dog myself and, although she has never harmed anyone before, I always make sure she is contained when someone unfamiliar approaches my house. I feel your pain but I would say this is more your fault than FedEx's or the driver's!

to Me Phoenix, Arizona, United States #652664

If it happened on the job, why was there not a workers comp. claim made?

My guess would be because the driver would have been made to see a doctor, where the true severity(or not) would have been documented. Sounds shady for sure.

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