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FedEx has pissed me off one too many times. Warning: cussing.

Package was supposed to be delivered yesterday 02/28.

Online it shows as "attempted delivery" when it turns out that no FedEx truck even came into my apartment complex yesterday. Stated that front office was closed, I call front office and they were most certainly open at the time FedEx apparently attempted delivery. Looks like FedEx driver was lying. I call FedEx and explain issue.

"I'm so sorry m'am" blah blah blah yeah you're so sorry you don't do jack *** to help me or confront your lazy driver. I call FOUR times because hours pass and no one calls me back. Everyone at customer service asks for my phone number and say I'll be called back. Yeah, right.

I explain the issue several times to several people. Do they not communicate with each other? I'm told that the driver is too far and can't come until tomorrow (today). Bullshit.

I'm then told that they will come in the morning today with the package. Fast forward to today this morning. Check status and apparently package was out for delivery at 12am and then was SENT BACK to the station and is NOT on a delivery truck. Are you kidding me.

I call, "let me look over the case notes and put a note for them to get it to you today." Um *** yeah it better be coming today. Give me my package this is ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Ground Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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