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Waiting for 7 long day for my Fedex ground package. I checked on the web site constantly..out for delivery...suddenly Bam...Web Site shows this: Recipient Location Security Delay Delivery will be reattempted.

I became concerned called Customer Service they said they never seen that message before. They will put a "report" on it.

I drive like a maniac to the house believing my house burned down or something.

Guess what nothing my house was there, the roads were excellent no security issues whatsoever.

A few customer service calls later...ummm the driver has no telephone can't deliver today blah blah..sorry tomorrow another freaking day.

I really hate when Fedex use Sub's to deliver and they are just numbskulls. I never will use them if I can't help it. I hope they go out of business for their *** excuses when their retarded drivers are lost and can't find a simple address in the USA. In this age of GPS's there is NO Excuse.

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Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, United States #1310110

I got the same notice today. I think they just got lost so took it back. Idiots.


I live about An hour and a half from the place where the trucks are dispatched.They drive around all day with my stuff on the truck, then take it back to headquarters because they don't feel like going out in the sticks where I'm at.

Tracking is updated with some bogus reason such as "recipient location security delay". What is that even supposed to mean anyway? They eventually show up at least 2 days later than UPS would have, and UPS isn't any closer to me. I don't use FedEx for this very reason.

Frankly, I don't see how they stay in business. After a little research, it looks like they have a huge number of complaints for this same issue.

They also brought me an item that had clearly been damaged in shipping, and tried to convince me that I should accept it anyway and contact the seller for a resolution.They don't put customers first, and they LIE.


I am so fed up with fedex.I have finally learned my lesson.

Every package that I have ever ordered through fedex has never come on time and I have been a little frustrated but when is there any accountability.

Every time I put my faith in them again they let me down.Never again will I use fedex for a package.


Seeyalater, while that is a good idea, many items can't be bought directly from a store. When you're buying custom equipment, you're not going to find it at a nearby store, and as a result, you are forced to rely on shipping.


Truejab, I feel your pain...and ignore seeyalater: that individual appears to be a FedEx driver (with the rotten attitude) and is grousing at everyone who has a legitimate complaint against FedEx.


why oh why do all of you complain so much...just go to a STORE and buy your junk then you do not have do deal with a this DRAMA of where is my pkg?

why don't they deliver on SUNDAY because I was home..GO TO A STORE.......

to seeyalater Naperville, Illinois, United States #658928

This is seeyalater's new name, make sure to call him by this for now on. What a freakin douchebaggggggggggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!

to seeyalater Naperville, Illinois, United States #658930

Hey seeyalater, I think you spelled your name wrong,

it's supposed to read SPERMBURPER !!!!!!!

Why oh why must RETARDS like you post here ?

you must have that boring of a freakin life

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to seeyalater #810356

The store's now days don't have items in stock so you have to order online!!!

to seeyalater #1015468

The nearest store to stock the item I wanted is 400 miles away. This sort of thing is why online shopping was invented. If you choose not to join the rest of us in the 21st century that's your business, but maybe you shouldn't be so quick to comment on things that you clearly know nothing about.

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