I had a package coming standard overnight. I tracked it constantly.

Then I check it again and guess what delivery exception!! I call Fedex and find out that supposedly the driver could not get down my street due to road workers. This is ridiculous because 3 days ago I had a 20 yard dumpster delivered and that delivery happened just fine with the workers right outside my house! I feel that the driver didnt want to take 5 minutes of his precious time to do his job!!!!!

That manager should have told him that it is his JOB to deliver as promised. Now I am inconvenienced by having to go to the store. Never again!!!

Make sure that your road is completely clear because FEDEX wont deliver. Absolutely not happy!!!!!!

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Use UPS whenever possible


I had a problem very close to this just today, i work all day and cant be home before 530 ever because i get off work then have a 45 min drive home.... i get home and the package i have been waiting for was not able to be delivered due to no one there...

so i said o well ill call and see if i can pick it up because there is a fedex store 10 min away....

DO YOU THINK THEY TOOK IT THERE... no they took it and hour and a half away and when i called to talk to them the little MOFO on the other end told me it was not his problem, need less to say i have to wait another day and leave work ealry just so i can claim a package because they are to *** to relize that there is a stor on the way out of town they could leave it at.

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