I spent the entire day waiting for a package. At 5:01 pm the Tracking screen reports: 2:41 "Customer not available or business closed" This is an unadulterated LIE.

Not only have I been here all day, but the place has had people in-and-out of it all day long. Cars are in the lot, the doors are unlocked. There is NO WAY that the diver could have thought the offices were closed or that nobody was here. The lazy *** *** just didn't want to get out of his truck.

Also, note ... the "Exception" report was filed online at 5:01 pm, but claimed the attempt was made at 2:41 pm. Why did they wait so long to file that report, if not to make it impossible for me to call and have them re-hit the delivery?

I'm sorry. I am one very angry guy right now. This is not the first time I've had problems with Federal Express and their flat out lying. I will NEVER, EVER, use them again.

I hope the lying stack of excrement driver of the truck gets lost ... like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

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Do you ever get the package .


I have had the same experience. Only difference being that estimated deliver went unavailable at 8:00 PM ET and the next day it reported a failed attempted delivery due to "Customer Not Available or Business Closed" at 8:41 AM on the previous day; the day the package was expected.

No attempted delivery tag was left at the residence, which is customary. Usually near instant email claiming delivery is received. I have received those emails and checked the front door to find packages. They seldom ring the bell when packages are delivered if no signature is required.

I have tried to rationalize this behavior. The only reason I can come up with it that it hides their inadequacies from the shipper.

Perhaps the shipper should be notified of the shady practice. I can only assume the practice is corporate sanctioned.


They're a joke... Was supposed to have a delivery today - driver marked it "Customer not available or business closed" - even though I was and there's a 24hr concierge here too Bloody Bastards


worst delivery service...they have never ever delivered package correctly, and state that it was delivered to my home when it was not...and after I complained, still never contacted me...i had to cancel my order from amazon because i was getting charged for fed ex incompetency...its happened to me at least 3 times...


I have the same issue...This delivery was to my home.. I spent the entire day working in my garden. Could not have attempted a delivery !!


Exact same thing happened to me today. I stayed home ALL DAY.

I checked the tracking status all day long. The package was on the truck at 7:00am. At 7:58pm it still said the package was on the truck and would be delivered. At 8:05pm it said the driver tried to deliver at 8:03pm but "customer was unavailable or business was closed".

Pure, 100% BS! I wasted an entire day and then, to add insult to injury, they put the onus on ME.Never again will I use FEDEX.


Same thing today. Among all the carriers, FedEx is the one lies all the time.

I sitting behind my open door waiting for my package to be used over weekend and still get this message with a door tag number. There's no door tag at all!


Same thing today. They fail to buzz to gain access to the building then say no one was home.

Phones work, no music or anything going on here to interrupt their arrival, and still, for the umpteenth time, they tell me I wasnt home. Their customer service person was very nice - looks like they hire people to smooth feathers, but cant hire people who resolve these issues from happening. Last time they chose to deliver to a drop off facility rather than ever attempting delivery to my home. Contacted and executive who said I was the first person to ever complain about that - told him he should try to carry a heavy chair a mile and a half after taking a day off from work to accept delivery.

They need to stop pretending to listen and actually address these ongoing problems. Not going to use their service at home or work.


Same thing! Today was the 2nd "attempt" and I've been home both days.Oddly, the shipment was 2 packages from the same sender -- one package needs a signature, the other doesn't.

The one that doesn't was dropped off on top of my mailbox by the road (not safely at my door up my driveway), and then he drove away.

I happened to be at my window and watched it happen (my driveway is 300' long so I couldn't run after him when I realized he was pulling away).REALLY upset. Evidently this is a common issue with packages coming out of this particular FedEx facility (Stratford, CT).


This just happened to me. Package updates says it's been sitting on the truck since 6:30am, been home all day, I can see/hear anyone come in my drive way.

Especially a big truck. nothing.

Now it says at 5:39 Customer not at home blah blah blah. Fedex is a sack of lazy garbage.


This has been happening for 4 business days straight- "Customer not available or business closed". I work in an office that is only open 9am-5pm on M-F and FedEx continuously try to deliver after 5:30pm and one day at 6:46pm.

We called the local warehouse after day 3 and they were baffled that the driver kept trying so late when we are a business and hours posted. SO on day 4 they attempted at 5:04pm (I guess whoever was scheduled to be here ran out right at 5pm) so now for a 5th day it is on the truck for delivery after we asked them to hold it at the warehouse and someone would just make the drive to go pick it up at this point.

So frustrating. If I didn't have to pick up my kid by 5:30pm every day I'd just wait at this point but business hours are business hours in my book.


Same thing happened to me today. I live in a large apartment complex in NYC. We have a front desk receptionist and they're always available




Same thing happened to me today in 2018-just wow! I guess they can do whatever they want to.


Same thing is happening to us now. They don’t attempt they leave. And blame it on us.

Luton, England, United Kingdom #1319778

When did they deliver your parcel to you? I've the same problem today

Flushing, New York, United States #1312214

Truck drived past and didn't make attempt, was waiting outside

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1285310

Same ole ***. FedEx driver did the same *** to me.

24 hour operation business .

delivery exception business closed..... My business is 24 freaking hours opened.

to Yup New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1309294

Same thing happened to me just today (and not the first time). The same lazy driver maybe, since I am also in NOLA.

I skipped work to be here all day waiting and then, "customer not available". I called when I realized the lie (reported at 5:30 pm, but I noticed at 6:45 pm) and called their 1-800 number. I was pissed and told the operator I needed my package delivered TODAY and that I couldn't skip another work day waiting for them. I was told that they were going to contact the driver and contact me within 2 hours.

Needless to say, that didn't happen.

Fedex is THE WORST shipping company.

Paramount, California, United States #1260136

Schedule delivery day was today

Friday 12/23/2016 by 8pm I called the warehouse were my package was coming from In the city of industry CA and they informed me that they gave my package to FedEx on Wednesday so I need to know we're is my package it's a

Christmas gift for my daughter

My contact number is 562)234-8454

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