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FedEx Complaint On Thursday, July 5th, I ordered a large item from Wal-Mart online. For purposes of the review, I dont think naming the item is necessary.

It cost me $299.00. It was advertised as guaranteed delivery by next day for $87.04 and 2 days for $59.20. I decided to pay the higher shipping charge and have it right away. The next day when I tracked the package, it showed my item had arrived in Kennesaw Georgia in the early hours of the morning.

Kennesaw is only about 45 minute to 1 hour from my home (I live in the NW GA area), so I fully expected the item to arrive s promised. Sometime during the day on 7-6-2017, the tracking info changed to expected delivery July 6-7. Late in the evening I spoke with a Wal-Mart rep who told me that my higher shipping charge would be refunded if the item was not delivered on time. Since that was a fair resolution, I resigned myself to the fact that the item would not be delivered on Thursday.

The next day, Friday, 7-7-2017, I checked the tracking information, and somehow my item had made it all the way to Eastaboga, Alabama, but was on the truck out for delivery. It went all the way to Alabama, but FedEx couldnt deliver it when it was 45 minutes away! I waited all day, at home for this delivery. Around 4:55 pm, I happen to look down at my phone where the tracking page was still open, and the updated info said that the item could not be delivered due to the customer not being available, attempted delivery ay 4:48pm.

A complete bold faced lie! No one had tried to deliver the item; I was at home waiting for the item for the second day in a row. It just seemed so unbelievable that a delivery person would outrightly lie about it, and why? I called immediately to the Eastaboga, Alabama FedEx Office and explained what had happened and was told that they were very sorry and the item would be delivered on Monday, July 10th.

I told them that someone needed to contact the driver and tell him/her to get his/her butt back over tto my address, because they couldnt be that far down the road since 4:55pm. I was transferred to a resolution team I spoke with a man named Tyler who agreed that the whole situation really sucked (my words) and he would have a message sent to the driver to return to my address to deliver my item. He also mentioned that there was an additional request from another customer to have the truck return. I told Tyler I would wait in my car at the end of my driveway for the truck to return.

He said he would include in the message that the customer was waiting for the truck in the driveway. This was around 5:30-6:00 pm. I waited until 7:30pm and no one arrived. I called back to the Eastaboga, Alabama office and after being sent through the automated system at least 4-5 times, I was able to speak with a representative, but only after screaming REPRESENTATIVE several dozen times with expletives attached.

Then miraculously, the recorded voice said, Please hold for the net available customer representative When I spoke with rep, it was necessary to repeat all my info again and relay all the conversations that I had prior to his call. I asked several times to be connected with Tyler, from the resolution team, who I had spoken with earlier. It appeared that I was not being heard because the request was ignored or bypassed. The person told me that he would send a message for a supervisor in the office to contact me.

After I hung up the phone, I realized that the office to which had referred, closed at 6: pm; it was now after 7:30pm. So, after hours of waiting and after two days of promised delivery, the last representative told me he was going to call a supervisor in an office that had closed over one hour before. I have never experienced anything quite as absurd as this situation. There seemed to be no serious regard for the fact that I had spent my hard earned money on an expensive delivery charge, or no real concern for the fact that they could not deliver on the date promised.

No information was ever available on the website as to why the delivery status changed on Thursday to Friday delivery. If this that not happened to me, I would hardly believe that this story was true. It amazes me that FedEx could have so many incompetent idiots working for them, in addition to a driver who is obviously an irresponsible liar. I will most likely cancel this order with Wal-mart and refuse delivery on Monday.

I will post this review in as many places as possible, in addition to the Better Business Bureau, Board of Consumer Affairs, Facebook, and Clark Howard. Michael Murray

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Priority Overnight Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: One of the customer service agents was nice.

I didn't like: That fedex isnt actually delivering my item, Speaking over customer, Canned response, Ground delivery policies.

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