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We sent are granddaughter her bday gifts via Fedex. When it was entered in the computer they misspelled the city as soon as i saw that on the tracking i called coustomer service and i was told the correction was made.

The pacakge would be delivered on time Wednesday. Well Wednesday the driver said no such address. Got the email and called coustomer service they said for the 2nd time correction made. Thursday the package was delivered at 8:35am and someone that we dont know signed for it.

My daughter called as soon as she got home from work that it wasnt there and none of her neighbors had signed for it. After about 4 hours and 6 phone calls to FedEx we were told that the driver delivered it to the wrong address. And would try to retrieve the package today Friday my granddaughter 3rd birthday. Well at 11 am the driver still jad not gone to try to retrieve said package.

Dont you think he should have done that first thing this morning? Well its now 4 hours later and am still waiting on a call from FedEx! I can pretty much guess what the next call from them will be that they cant retrieve said package. Well part of the present can be replaced but most cant as i have been hand making items for these American Girl twin doll since early June.

How do tou explain to a 3 year old that you gift from grandma, granpad, and aunts was left at the wrong address by a incompetent driver that didnt double check the address while he was walking up to the door? YOU CAN'T!!!

Thanks FedEx for disappointing our granddaughter and leaving her mom to try to explain this to her. Hope that this driver has children and has a heart and does the right thing...

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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