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I have used FedEx extensively for work and personal packages for decades and have always been super pleased with the professionalism of the company and their employees.

But it seems that not all FedEx branches are as competent. I was robbed on vacation in Bogota, Colombia. I woke up in the hospital with no passport, money, or bank cards to take out money from my bank account. I ordered an emergency replacement Mastercard from my bank in the USA and paid a substantial FedEx shipping fee to expedite the card to Bogota. You can imagine the fear and stress of being alone in another country with no money with no way to pay for lodging or food.

After paying much money for expedited service, FedEx in Bogota refused to deliver the package. FedEx called and said I would have to come to the warehouse because the driver could not find the street address. Remember, I have no cash to pay a taxi to come all the way across a massive city. Furthermore, I have no doubts that the driver never attempted to find the address. In this part of Bogota, every avenue and cross street and marked on every corner. The street address for my delivery was also prominently displayed. I explained to the FedEx rep that there was no way a driver could miss the place and asked for a redelivery. The rep refused and said the driver had already tried.

So, I had to walk a very long way through a city of 8 million, a city in which I had already been robbed and assaulted, to pick up a package which I had already paid FedEx to bring to my door. When I arrived at the warehouse, the FedEx rep said he had to have a tracking number or else could not help me. I gave him my name and Bogota delivery address and the shipper's address, and he maintained that he could not look for the package without a tracking number. I pleaded with him to help me. I told him my situation and that FedEx had called to tell me to come pick up my package but did not mention a tracking number. So, I am stuck at FedEx after walking across the city. I have no way to call my bank in San Diego to get a tracking number since the robbers took my phone and I was having to use a Colombian friend's phone. And the FedEx guy won't help me at the warehouse after Fedex refused to deliver the package and told me to come and get it.

After lingering at the desk for a while and pleading my dire circumstances to a manager, they finally went in search of my package. After quite a while, the desk guy returned with my delivery.

I have always been a huge fan of FedEx USA, but the Colombian branch absolutely gives not a single *** about professionalism or competence. They are lazy and uncaring. If I need something else delivered to me down here, I will try a different company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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