I just learned something very interesting - FedEx delivery personnel are not REQUIRED to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. I have been expecting a package for several days. Someone has been at the house the past two times that FedEx "attempted' to deliver the package that requires a signature. The last sticker was handed to us by the UPS driver that arrived five minutes after the time the FedEx delivery person put on the sticker. I called customer service to complain and was informed they are not required to knock or ring the bell. WTH!!! Unreal!

I initially believed the delivery person was incompetent, unable to figure out how to extend their finger to ring the bell or to make a fist to knock on the door, now I have found out it is FedEx as a whole. Since the company does not 'require' it, the delivery people don't do it.


I tried to make arrangements for the package to be left at a pick-up location such as the local FedEx/Kinkos office. I have talked to 4 people three of which 'arranged' to have it left there and the fourth person informed me that no one has put through the request. i just got off the phone with them - they said they put through the request. If they are like the others, I doubt it.

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OMG- too funny! Obviouisly you spoke to a *** person.

Yes, we are required to knock/ring. Plus...why in the world would anyone want to come to your house twice just to derliver your package!

when you get an answer that makes no sense...hang up and call back and talk to someone intelligent. even Fedex has dumb employees.


I've had the same thing happen to me over the past few weeks. I don't have a required signature but I do work from home and when I get a delivery, I'd like to know about it.

It's silly that I have to monitor their website to see the package has been deleivered on my front doorstep. How hard is it to press a button and run, that'd what my UPS guy does and when I open the door, I yell "Thanks!" as he's jumping in his truck. With UPS my package sits on the front step for a minute, with fedex it can sit for hours. In this economy, there's too many people who can't pass up the opportunity to steal that might have value.

I used to love Fedex but in the zeal to reduce costs they've lost the one thing people used to love, and that's basic customer service. It's pretty bad when they make UPS look good but if I have a choice, I'd rather use USPS or UPS over Fedex any day.


I've had the same experience, but I've found Fedex to be slightly better than UPS. I live in a condo and the delivery personnel HATE getting out of their trucks, walking through the front gate, riding the elevator up 3 floors, then walking to my unit and knocking on the door.

Instead, they slap a "sorry we missed you" sticker at the front gate and leave. I believe both companies share the same "rule" that doesn't require them to actually knock on the door and wait for us to answer.

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