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I alway track my purchases online when possible. The site said when delivery would be made, that it was in the delivery vehicle.

I stayed home all day and finally in the mid afternoon they updated the site to read 'no attempt made, delivery scheduled for following business day'.

One time they crushed a box, breaking a vacuum cleaner, but delivered it anyway.

Another time, they left our packages outside at someone else's home and the people were nice enough to drive a few miles to give them to us.

Is the problem that they are so huge, they can do whatever they want? They seem to just not care. I have chosen Fedex for the last time, unless there is absolutely no other alternative.

I've never had a problem with UPS and rarely with USPS. What's up with that? The problems have all come from a freight office in Southeastern Washington state.

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Today after confirming the status of delivery by Fedex of 3 parcels from the US to my home. I took the day off from work to receive the packages.

Just to find out afterwards that no delivery attemp will be made. I paid $151 us plus dutie and taxes for the delivery and am losing a day wages for staying home to receive the packages.

I think Fedex should assume some responsibility for not following thru.

I am not going to take another day off to arrange for a possible drop-off. Please make arrangement to deliver :( :(


try ups,


Would be interested in getting contact info for the vice president as someone above said they contacted directly? I have had 3 'issues' with merchandise that was over $600.00!

at the local level all I got was a "Im sorry" and it did not! sound very sincere. Thanks. You can email me the contact info, espeically a phone number!

at walterbf@tds.net

thanks!!! :)


Fedex lost the paper work for my package. The US Custom could not clear my package without the paper work. My package was shipped with 5 days delay. My passport was in the package. I had to reschedule my international trip. That cost a lot.

Fedex representatives told me all the time that US Custom was not efficient and Fedex had to wait until custom clear the package. That was not true. It was definitely Fedex's fault.

Luckily, a representative told me the real reason as i mentioned above.

I am really ashamed on Fedex employees and their working culture.

We pay Fedex more money for fast service. From my experience, Their service is terrible and the representative are not helpful at all. I will keep telling about my bad experiece and never use that service again


Mat you are like the cubs,enough said


:grin :grin ok "GO lsu"... If You must know since that comment about my last post sounds like you are one of the morons from fed ex. 90% of My purchases are from stores like walmart and target online MADE IN THE USA so you should keep your comments to yourself thanks


Matt, save yourself all this drama with your junk from china, Go to the STORE and buy the junk there.. Save yourself from all this stress that your junk from china has caused you.. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :x :x :x


:( :( :( You wanna hear a funny story? I have had around 10 packages miss delivered to my house, Even when some of them were to be signature deliveries...

So I call that wonderful 800 Number what a joke. i have talked to a different person so many times and wouldn't u know it you cant even understand them... I finally have complained enough that Fedex sends me a savings certificate..LOL that's a joke i go to a Fedex office and the nice pleasant Manager there says they have never seen this before WTF!!!! So i Fax this paper work to Fedex and now i need to wait another week to get a refund for 25 Dollars....


Why is it that i keep using this worthless company to send and receive things?? I guess its not Fedex its the Rud, inconsiderate and uneducated drivers in this state that are making this company look like total *** sorry Fedex i guess i will use your competator from now on so i don't waste my life dealing with your SPECIAL drivers anymore


Why don't all you complainers buy your junk at the store, this way you all will be 100% happy..By the way i love to hear pieces of china made junk rattling around when i drop off .. oh please don't have a number on your house then it gets special treatment. Ha ah ha ah ha..


I absolutely agree with all of you guys. I once had a package delivered a month late even though I picked two day shipping.

I live in a small town just outside of Orlando, FL and for the first few days the package was on track. Then the next day I check their tracking website and it says that my package is now in Seattle, Washington? WTF!

Anyway, they did this sort of thing for a while until I just gave up hope. But of course the very next day my box of books shows up, and I wasn't even able to get a refund for the shipping.javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


Call the VP's Office and demmand compensation every time they *** up. Ive got to the point where I do this every time workd a treat the vp's dont like getting calls direct from the public


Yea, Fed Ex delivers the packages that are suppose to come to this address to an address across the street 50 percent of the time. We have had the same problem with UPS (which is the carrier things usually get sent by) so I had UPS always require a signature.

Didn't know fed ex was delivering my brand new TV.

So the *** driver decides to leave this $800 TV not only at the wrong address....but outside at the rear door. Yeah, that TV is not going to make it sitting outside in the open. I do not have my TV, and Fed Ex seems to think it is not too much of an issue, saying I have to wait until tomorrow to find out. What *** thinks its ok to leave a TV outside in the open for anyone to take!

Thank goodness it came from Amazon, they will be replacing for me. Amazon has excellent customer service by the way!


I had the same problem yesterday. Package supposed to be on truck for delivery.

At 4 p.m. still on truck for delivery. At 6 p.m. "Exception.

no attempt made, delivery scheduled for following business day". Well now it's the next day and status says At local Fedex Facility. I called to check on package and they say it has been re-routed to another terminal.

Stick with UPS. They get it right every time.


Driver kept groping me and exposing himself.

When I complained they said I was a Security

Risk and would not deliver further packages.Complained to VP she will not even give me a case number for the complaint.

she did nothing.Has any body else have these

type problems.They blame me the victim. Sent

police to my house and said I would be arrested for harrasement.

But they can not explain why the driver gave me his unlisted phone number cell and home.Of course more to this story.Well update.


Your all right! They suck.

Ever since they bought Kinko's. Home delivery is a JOKE Closed on Monday? How many businesses besides the theatre, restaurants that are closed on a business day?

They can't even look up an address without the tracking number. There game is don't even make attempts to deliver to get you to pick up the package your self, this way they same on gas....


:roll :roll :( Fed ex screws up my "overnight " delivery EVERY WEEK...it never takes less thank 3-7 days to get here, problem is the shipper only uses fed ex. They assured me today my package, that comes from the Carola's would be here for sure today, then they said they had weather issues in Atlanta (funny, my package is going north, what the heck is it going to atlanta for?

NOW after they assured me I'd have it today my status says Delivery exception Package at station, arrived after courier dispatch. F*** Fed ex and their 18 dollar over night charge...they should pay me 18 for every time they screw up!!!


I was supposed to recieve a package today, so when I returned and found no package I asked my roommate if anyone had come by and he said no. I checked my status online and it said "Incorrect address, recipiant has moved" WTF?

I have been at this address for over 2 years. I also ordered from the same company 2 months earlier and had NO problem recieving it.

This package was sent to the SAME address as the last. So what the ***.


Yep, FedEx is horrible. I run a concierge service, so I run errands for people.

Whenever they give me a package to send, I NEVER use FedEx. I accept a lot of deliveries for people, and whenever a package is supposed to arrive from FedEx, it usually goes to a different address or never arrives at all. People who answer the phone at customer service speak broken English and do not fix problems. A couple months ago, FedEx delivered a package to my house that wasn't mine.

I called them to let them know, and they didn't understand anything beyond the script in front of them. Finally, they said they'd pick it up. I've been waiting months. They never came.

I'd deliver it to the person, but the address isn't even a real address, so I can't! Now I'm waiting for a package they said they "left on the doorstep" of a post office. Lazy, too big, don't care, just like most co.

these days! What's new?


ive never had fedex on time, they have always been 2-3 days late, even with overnight shipping. i ordered it with overnight and the tracking info says its SITTING in a facility 100 miles away because "Package not due for delivery" when im supposed to have it today, now ill have to wait all weekend til monday.

ive never chosen fedex...

occasionally when i pick ups on newegg they will fedex it... sometimes...


I rarely use Fedex unless I have been given no choice. Of the few times I have used them, both times they changed the delivery date on me. Of course the website says the package is still on time.

The first time I was waiting all day at home for this package. I checked the tracking number that morning and it said it was on the truck out for delivery. Well here comes about 5PM and I'm so irrate, no sign of the the truck.

I checked online, and the bastards changed the delivery to the next day! Of course it was still on time. What happened? Driver decided to make it a half day??

Then I get a package shipped to me "overnight". Well the next day at 6AM its at my regional facility, and the lazy bastards just don't bother to put it on the truck. Oh well they must have said, leave it for the next day. What a joke.

If the package was there ready to be put on the truck, and it was an overnight package, UPS would have made sure it was on the truck.

I see this company as a complete failure and it must start with the people at the top allowing this sort of poor behavior by its employees.

I use UPS and USPS very frequently, and I've had more problems with Fedex, whom I use seldomly.

I will never use this company for anything ever again.

And avoid using their Kinkos Fedex copy centers too. I hope these bastards go down in flames.

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