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I received a package that I paid extra to have delivered next day and the package was completely torn apart and looked like there had been coffee or something similar spilled on it. Luckily the product was not damaged but seriously!?!

What kind of people do you have working for your company that take absolutely no pride in there jobs?

It is absolutely appalling to me that you can claim such high standards and yet treat people's property, that they worked their butts off to aquire, like it's a pile of trash being tossed around the back of a garbage truck. I'm very disappointed in your company and it's complete disregard for your CUSTOMERS PROPERTY.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1271588

I got my item in perfect condition, but the shipping package was dirty. So I am complaining because the post office and the world at large is not as sterile as a hospital.



Looks like another customers package was leaking in transit and your package might have been caught in the belt. Somebody must have let it slip past without correction by mistake.


Not very smart to post a picture of your address you dummy.


Once the contents of the package began to expose the usps ups or FedEx will immediately take it off the line and repackage it themselves and they would NOT deliver it like that. They would place a notice on it stating that it was repackaged.

For whatever reason. They won't take it out the original package because that's illegal just put it into another package and relabel it.

It's federal protocol so I highly doubt this actually happened. But if it did your gonna have to contact the shipping company directly and notify them that protocol was mishandled badly.

to Anonymous #1041588

If a package is open in any way it will be diverted to QA. Once there either a QA member or Package Handler will inspect and correct any opening.

If the box is falling apart a FedEx QA member will remove the contents into a new box and dispose of the old one. Only in the case of a rebox do we enter anything into the tracking.


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