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I was sent an iPad via FedEx ground. I live in a condo in a large house. The house is divided into four parts. The front door is unattended and cannot be answered by me. I live around back, and nobody hears or can answer the front door. I have my own door, and there is a note prominently displayed on the front door for FedEx, saying, "Dear FedEx, please deliver [name omitted], Unit 2, around the side." Somebody is home every day, all day. The first day, I went to the front door that night and found that FedEx had been there, and put a "Door Tag" on the door, saying "Could not deliver." They put the door tag *over my message about delivering to the side*. I then put another big *poster sized sheet* on the door, saying "[name omitted], Unit 2, please deliver to side door". I got a second "Missed you" tag, and I got a Final notice today. Believe it or not, this always happens with FedEx: I put a note on the door, and they ignore it. The driver just doesn't want to make the walk around the house, or he's too busy.

Now the package is no longer in the FedEx system. They cannot find it by the door tag, *because the delivery guy did not scan it and link it to the door tag.* So now I am contacting the sender to get the tracking number.

I called the FedEx main number to complain, but they said as they can't find the package by the door tag (because the driver didn't scan it), they *dispute that I even had a delivery*, and that maybe "somebody put the tag there as a joke." When I replied that I had three door tags, they said that maybe somebody had pulled the prank *three times.*

The entire disposition of FedEx towards me shows that they just don't care, and why should they, I suppose. I don't know if it's reflected in their market cap, but UPS has always been better, nicer, and more efficient. FedEx service has been universally terrible for me. Not that they care.

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