I was expecting a package to be delivered from a Company in Boulder Colorado by FedEx on January 28, 2008. That morning I had gone to my racquet club to work out and arrived home between 12:15 p.m. and 12:20 p.m. I know this for a fact because I was listening to my favorite radio talk show host’s opening monologue while driving home and he comes on the air at 12:06 p.m. on WJR here in Detroit.

At approximately 3:30 p.m. I accessed the FedEx package tracking website only to discover that it was reported that my package had allegedly been left at my door at 12:10 p.m. I knew this was not the case because it was not there when I arrived home literally within minutes of the stated delivery time.

I immediately called FedEx customer service to report non-deliver of this package. The representative I spoke with put me on hold while she called the delivery driver responsible for the package and who was still out on the road. According to the representative, the driver stated he/she would drive by the supposed delivery address the next day and check it out. For the record, delivery driver did not drive by my house the next day. Furthermore, since I was reporting non-receipt of a package within 3 ½ hours of its alleged delivery, subject driver should have immediately been forced to turn around and return to the residence where he had left the package and retrieve it. FedEx did absolutely nothing to immediately correct their error and I am now out $290.28 since FedEx is denying my claim.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #598964

Fedex delivered my package to my neighbor supposly and now it no ones fault because i supposly signed it even though it got sent to the wrong place where they signed it, 3rd time sending it to the wrong place now it suddenly got lost wow fedex people really suck at delivering but i guess it great for them because all the packages end up at the house, everyday Christmas for them >:(


I ordered an item on eBay, the seller sent the package Fed Ex, they claim it was left at my front door, I never got the package. The seller filed a claim with Fed Ex it was denied, eBay and pay pal do not blame the seller (nor do I) but I am now out $154.

Someone needs to file a class action suit against Fed Ex.

How can they leave packages outside in the open, then when they disappear, deny a claim. I am out money when I had no control over any of this1


FedEx hires thieves, they have recently "lost" 4 of my packages weighing an average of 60 lbs each. Claim for the latest stolen package was denied, even though their website shows it was never delivered.

I will now have to fight with them to resolve this latest issue. I wish there was a shipper that has more integrity than FedEx, but regretfully from all the complaints I read, all of them are about the same.

Langenhagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany #208881

Just so everyone knows, Fed Ex is nothing more than a glorified DHL. They own nothing, it is all sub contracted.

This is why no one cares.

Do yourself a favor and go with UPS. At least UPS isn't so ashamed of their drivers they sub contract out like DHL.

Beaver Island, Michigan, United States #20735

Long story short....Fed Ex "misdelivered" a pkg i sent to the wrong address...wrong street. Driver sent back the NEXT DAY to get pkg and tenents said "We never saw a pkg on porch".

I filed a claim and had receipts for the $461 in box. Now Fed Ex is saying they can only give me $100 bc i didn't buy any additional insurance....even though i had receipts.

Never got the "misdelivered " pkg. Thanks Fed Ex....your cs people suck

Fairfield, Kentucky, United States #19500

My Mom sent 2 packages, both packaged at the FedEx store and insured to my son. They contained several Red Wing collectible items that had belonged to my Dad.

One of the items, a framed jersey was shattered. A FedEx rep picked up the item and all packaging and returned it 2 days later. My son took the broken frame to a repair business around the corner, shards of glass and all. The owner was away for a few days, he called and let them know it would take an additional few days for the estimate.

Now that the $200.00 repair has been done, he is told the claim denied. No reason given. The "professional" packaging and insurance (the damaged box insured for $1'000.00 alone) cost $133.00. What a gimmick, he was not even told the claim was denied until he called, only told it was denied 3 days ago by a person who barely spoke English.

Beware ot this company!

Do not ship any item that be broken, they will NOT pay! Insurance coverage is a total waste!

West Terre Haute, Indiana, United States #17003

FEDEX sucks.... DONT USE fedex they lost my package to... :( :x

Cleveland, Texas, United States #9410

Fed Ex Beltsville lost my package. Terrible customer service. I will never use them again!

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