Apeldoorn, Gelderland
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! shipment with 3 boxes.

By delivery there was just 1 box the other 2 failed, de driver did called there company and he told me FedEx will deliver all 3 boxes tomorrow.

1 day later there is no fedex to deliver, after calling FedEx they make 1000 excusses and promised to deliver later this day all pakkages, but you gues already what happened , yes they called around 15:00 hour that they will not come because the pakkages are in a sort container that is locked and nobody can come in it.

*** I promised my customer that he will recei all just on time but no I have now 1 great custumer less and a lot of produkts that are special made and can do nothing with it then bring away as waste.

So don't use FEDEX they did al already the 4e time this year.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

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The majority of these reviews appear to be written by the same person. The reviews on page 1 all had the same type of words that were not spelled correctly.

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