Thursday, April 14, 2011 I sent a package to New York from Virginia for delivery @10:30am Friday, April 15. It was not delivered.

This morning (9:00am)I called Fedex and was told the package would be there within the hour. It was not delivered until 3:45 PM today, Monday, April 18, 2011. I was told Fedex tried to deliver on Friday, but no one was home. Someone was there all day Friday waiting for this package.

This shoddy customer service is totally unacceptable. Instead of using the Post Office, I elected to use Fedex thinking this was the most efficient way to send a package.

I will think long and hard before sending anothe package via Fedex Shame on you. Tracking #875711992686

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I was tracking a package and an exception was noted that the driver tried to deliver at 6:06 pm yesterday and no one was home. It was noted Birmingham and I live 45 miles away.

I was home...

in fact I was in the recliner about 20 feet away from the front door. Is this normal practice just to get out of deliveries for the day?

Nelson, Nebraska, United States #324137

I had the same problem today... I took off work to be here when FedEx arrived...

They said they came at 4:08, but I've been here all day and they most certainly have not been here. And if they were, they didn't leave a door tag. When I called I was told they don't attempt redeliveries, but when I talked to a supervisor I was told they would have the driver come back...

And I'm still waiting. I just want to know what house they are trying to deliver my things to because its not mine!


I receive 2-3 packages a week in the last 5 years I have had one problem with UPS which was handled professionally and efficiently. OVER 80% of my FedEx deliveries had problems most of them were not delivered and I had to pick them up which kinda defeats the purpose of "home delivery". FedEx has terrible customer service and they make it obvious that they really don't care what trouble they cause the customer.


FedEx customer service is probably going by what the driver said, namely that "no one was at home". Which is to say, he didn't really try to deliver it and used the most common excuse drivers have.

He may not have delivered it for any number of reasons. FedEx is tops in my books and I send out and receive alot of packages. Compared to UPS and USPS they are stars. Which is not to say they make mistakes.

They do. But, overall, they do a fine job. Try them again. Just remember, you do not have too many choices out there.

Customer service is really crappy nowadays. Just be thankful you get to talk to someone who can speakade english.

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