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Today Feb 9, 2010 I waited ehre all day for a delivery that required a signature. I went to the front window to look out at 1PM and they still had not been here.

Now at 1:45PM I went to my mailbox to get my mail and on the way back in I saw FedEx left a note on the door. I called immediately because the person that delivered the package did not even time the door hanger. They told me he was here at 1:04. I have a door bell that is loud and he could have knocked.

Either way of notification to us would set my small loud dog off and she would go full speed ahead to the front door barking very loudly. She never barked because he/she never knocked or rang the door bell. Since it was sent for over $21 but it went ground FedEx refused to send the person back. So now they want me to be here all day tomorrow.

FedEx is all about inconveniencing their customers and offering poor customer service. I will never personally use their service ever again. I asked for a supervisor to call but I'll bet you no one will call.

I'm furious and very upset. They act as though everyone has nothing better to do except wait for their drivers.

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Same issue, FedEx is horrible!


You people do realize that the driver will just have to come back the next day if he needs a signature. Which means he did knock, you just didn't hear it. Think about it


We have the same problem, never ring the bell. Nearly fell over package left this morning.


Thank goodness I was sitting in living room heard a noise on porch. 50" tv delivered.

By the time I opened the door he was gone.

No DOORBELL RANG OR NO KNOCK. They should have helped me I'm only 5'2.


Found this while searching on google. Wanted to share.

I've NEVER had a problem with USPS or UPS. It's actually pretty rare that I get a package from Fedex... BUT...The 3 or 4 times that I have, they NEVER ring the doorbell or knock (if signiture is required). They just run up to the door and slap a notice on it.

I've always had to go down to the local hub to pick up my packages. VERY annoying. Just this past Saturday my whole family including myself were home all day and sure enough... they didn't ring the bell.

Requested a pick up at the local hub and still waiting for a response.

This service is TERRIBLE. I'm going to start messaging sellers and let them know about this.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1279853

Same thing occurred to me... Twice....

someone was home both days--all day long, No FedX employee knocked on the door & I have a pet who would have barked up a storm..........poor service FedX.

I will never order anything else if shipped by FedX.

UPS rules.


this just happened to me today, wasted my whole morning waiting. What kind of service doesnt even bother to ring my door bell or knock!

i was comfortably waiting in my room for the package that was supposed to be delivered at 10:30. At around 11:00 i go outside and see a note, that they will come back the next day because no one was available to sing the package. But they didn't bother to ring the door bell or knock?!? Im i supposed to sit infront of my door until I see the Mail man?

Yes i am very pissed off. Is this going to happen tomorrow?

no one will ring my door bell. Its ridiculous, I will never order from a website that uses Fedex as shipping again.


We get a quarterly shipment of wine from a California winery we like and an adult has to be there to sign for it. On delivery day, my husband and I make it a point that at least one of us is home.

But the FedEx driver continually fails to either ring the doorbell or knock.

Last year, my husband was sitting right in front of the door when he heard a faint sound. He got up and looked and it was the FedEx driver writing out a not-at-home slip. My husband asked him why he hadn't rung the doorbell and the driver claimed he had but it wasn't working.

My husband rang the doorbell right in front of him showing him it was working and that it was also very loud. Then he asked the driver why he hadn't knocked if he didn't think the doorbell was working, and the driver said, "People don't like us to do that," which of course makes no sense at all. At the time we complained to FedEx and to the California winery. FedEx assured us they'd do better and we did get that particular wine shipment the next day, though we had to carefully watch for the driver with the door open so he could see us watching him.

Meanwhile, our winery agreed to use UPS in the future, and we had no trouble at all with any of the shipments sent via UPS.

Last week, our winery apparently forgot our FedEx experiences and used them again for our most recent shipment. Once again, we stayed at home expecting the delivery only to find a note on our door stating they tried at 10:06 am and we weren't home. We were in fact home, in the bedroom with the door open only a matter of feet from the front door.

Once again I've had to complain to both FedEx and to the winery for using them. We are cancelling our wine shipments with the winery as it's been just too much of a hassle.


FedEx is extremely frustrating! I ordered a small item from Walmart and it was said that it would be delivered by Tuesday (7-15-14) I am also a stay at home mom, and much like the customer below, I sat in our front office room with the blinds completely pulled up, and my 5 year old son playing soccer in the front yard.

Keep in mind this was at 10:10 AM, I went onto my tracking email and to my surprise, I see the words "DELIVERED" uhhhh it was absolutely not delivered!

No FedEx truck even came down my street. You know, it is such a shame that there are good, hard working people that would work their butt off but can't find a job, but we have lazy, unappreciative people handling items that we have pre-paid for and put our trust in their willingness to do their job.....HERE'S AN IDEA....DO YOUR JOB!


I had a small package delivered from Ohio to Florida. First of all, it took the package 5 days just to leave Ohio.

I called off of work on Friday so I would be home to sign for the package. No one came. There wasn't a notice at my door either, but the tracking on their website said that they were at my house around 4:30 and no one was home. I requested to have it stationed at a local 24 hour fedex store as soon as I read it.

It arrived at a fedex location less than 1 mile away from the one I requested to have it shipped to, and I can't pick it up until Monday because the location where it is located now isn't open on weekends.

If it were 160 years ago and my package were to be delivered on horseback, then I would probably have it by now. This is crazy.


same thing happened to me today. home all day, did not even take a shower or go outside because tracking says package coming today.

doorbell rang at 2 pm and it was pest control. when i answered the door, i saw a blank Fed ex shipment tag on the door.

tracking says delivery was attempted at 2:30 pm!!

no way, since tag was on the door before then and the doorbell is obviously working. i am so mad because now i cannot leave the house or go to the bathroom tomorrow; also cannot give me a time frame!


This happen to me today 3/6/2014. FedEx left a note on my door saying I wasn't home.

This is not the first time. I did not leave the house all day. I have a loud bell. The guy did not knock or ring the bell.

I called fedex and requested to get my pakage delivered today.

They told me that I have to wait till the next day. I will never do business with fedex.

Loveland, Colorado, United States #705418

Just happened to me yesterday. Waited at home all day.

They claim to have attempted delivery at 7:28 (30 minutes before the end of the day for deliveries). We did not leave the house all day and our door bell is LOUD. Our dog also runs to the door if anyone rings the bell or knocks.

No knock, no ring, just a very quickly written note left on the door pretty much saying "sorry we missed you, I know you needed this package today but I ran out of time to get everything delivered so i decided just to *** because I didn't want to wait to get a signature. No big deal, you can just sit around and wait for me all day tomorrow too right?"

Absolute Bull ***.


Same thing happened, FedEx left a note twice in my door saying I wasn't home and I had missed school to get my package, they never rang the *** doorbell!! I called them and they said I had to pick it up at their shipment office, an hour away!! Idk why AT&T chooses FedEx over UPS which is way more reliable.


I had an important package due for delivery today yet the driver didn't ring the ddorbell or know just left a door tag I called and they didn't care that I was enraged I didn't get this package that i really needed today for medical purposes. I am so pissed right now. They are holding my medical supplies hostage it seems and don't really give a ***


I had been shopping online for a few things for a trip I am taking with my family. Out of 6 packages ordered only 2 rang the door bell and they were UPS and didnt ask for signature, the rest were Fedex.

Im a stay at home mom and I was sitting in our computer room which looks out to the front of my house, and I would be watching Tv with low volume to make sure I could hear the door bell.

Not one of the fedex rang or knocked, they'd walk up fast and set it down on our porch which is very visible to anyone walking by and we have a bus stop on our corner so anyone walking to or from could take it off our porch. I wish I had filmed each time one of them dropped off a package so I could show proof they arnt doing there jobs correctly cause I dont want to be out of an item and money when it doesnt take much energy to ring a door bell or knock.


I had a Fedex ground driver forge my signature and then left a $1500 package outside my door in Chicago where anyone could have stolen it. I was livid.

I called the Chicago Fedex hub and asked to speak to a supervisor and whoever answered the phone said he was the supervisor. He had an extremely thick Hispanic accent and could barely put a sentence together - quite sure he was not the supervisor as I had spoken to a the supervisor before who is an extremely intelligent woman.


At least your driver came to the door and left a door tag. On Feb 9 2010 I was expecting a delivery.

My daughter was home all day. My landlord who lives downstairs was home all day.

The LYING FedEx driver said he was here at 9:51am, but never showed. He never came down the driveway, never left a door tag.


I Feel You. I Ordered A New Phone Through Verizon Wireless And Ordered It On Feb 9th And They Ship It Overnight So That Means It Should Have Been Here Today In New Mexico From California Before 430pm Feb 10th.

5pm NOTHING So I Called The FedEx Company And Gave The Kind Gal On The Phone My Tracking Number And She Tells Me That There Is A Mechanical Delay That The Plane Broke Down And They Needed To Order God Knows What Before That Plane Could Lift Off THe Ground. So As A Conserned Customer I Said "Well I Hope Everyone Is Okay" She Replys Thanks LoL. So I Told Her You Are Are FedEx SHouldnt You All Be Getting Another Plane To Transfer To And Continue On The Way??? She Replys "NO CLUE SON" Anywho She Told Me That I Should Revieve The Package Tomorrow Wich Will Be Feb 11th Before 7pm LoL...

I Am Going To Stay Home From Work Again And See What The Excuse Will Be This TIme LoL..... AnyWho I Hope You All That Are Reading This Are Having Better Luck!!

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