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This is an e-mail I sent today to FedEx:

After many e-mails and phone calls, in which representatives were nasty and said they would not pay any claim, indeed, the last representative we spoke to said because you have no record of the package -- it was not scanned by whoever picked it up! -- that there was no box to scan. We *did* put the box into the drop off box outside the post office on MacDonald Avenue, in Brooklyn. Another theory is that the package was opened because we wrote "do not overheat" on the address label, because it contained chocolate as well as other items, and the contents could have been taken, eaten by your employee(s). One representative responded to this by saying you don't employ theives, the inference being that we are lying about having sent the package. This is shameful and outrageous on the part of at least two different representatives. When we asked the second rep. for his name, he hung up.

I understand that there may be cameras outside the post office and it is my intention to check and see if there is a visual record to counteract your opinions that we are lying about sending the package.

If we are lying, why would we fill in an address label? I also understand that some new FedEx employees do not scan packages when they're picked up.

As to not employing theives, well, you employ people and I intend checking various places on the internet to find other people who have lost packages sent by FedEx, and I will add my own experiences wherever and whenever I can, including friends, and various websites and blogs. I have not ruled out small claims court and if, as I believe, there are many others whose packages you have lost, I may initiate a class action suit.

Be advised, also, that we have not yet put in a claim, so all this nastiness is doubly insulting. Given that the amount involved is a mere $30-50 is it likely we would spend all this time trying to get FedEx to acknowledge culpability?

Anne Kamlet

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We got a check from FedEx for the cost of the contents. This came after someone from Customer Relations called me and I complained that my complaint (which I had not actually made, that I was complaining, which is different) had been denied twice in letters and e-mails, with 'research' and 'investigation' being cited, but that I was not told what that involved, had they spoken to the pick up person, to the post office.

I also said that the fact that I was willing to go to the Post Office to see the videos surely showed that I had, in fact, deposited the parcel, and that we were willing to go to Small Claims Court about it. And told her that it was a birthday present for a 95 year old man. The woman who called was pleasant (I told her that other reps. had been nasty and one had hung up when asked his name).

I was, frankly, shocked to see just how many complaints there are about FedEx, this is my first. When we resent the present, we took it to a store and had the clerk write that we had put in a package!


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After denying my claim twice -- I have not submitted a claim -- I sent this e-mail to FedEx today:

There are video cameras outisde the Post office on MacDonald Avenue, Brooklyn which should have recorded the package being dropped off on August 16, it was after the last pick up time for the day. Your research, I assume, included contacting the Post Office on this, as I have told you about the cameras before. Either it was not scanned or it was opened becasue I had "do not overheat" on the address label. When you deny my claim, which incidently I have not yet actually made, you are suggesting that I am trying to defraud you out of $50. In other words you are calling me a a liar. This is unacceptable to me personally, I do not take defamation of character likely and if I do not receive complete satisfaction, I will certainly take this matter further. If your research did not include checking the Post Office tapes, you are being negligent in your investigation which will be brought up in any legal action.

Anne Kamlet


Does anyone have a contact email of any executive at Fedex?

I think the higher-ups should have to hear about these issues...after all, those VP are getting about $1M in salaries per year to do what?


I too had a similar situation. We dropped the envelop outside the office in the pick-up box.

A week later, our customer called because he had not received it.

Multiple calls led me to a person in the Customer Advocate Team who was little help. We basically reached an empass.

-- she claims it was not sent (they sent a driver to check the box) and I was disagreeing with them. The odds of us losing a package that was urgently being requested by the customer are very low compared to the odds of Fedex losing a package.

The worst thing is that even if you handed to the Fedex guy in person, you still have not way of proving that you sent it out.

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