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I was scammed into depositing a fake check when the shipper "Renewal Mortgage" wasn't been verified because I've contacted them on whether if they have indeed send it, they replied no and called me to return it back to them. This was a whole scheme devised by a clever scammer (prominently lurking in Craiglist) who utilized the advantage of the anonymous information with NO verification and NO follow up by the Fedex officials.

I'm very disappointed at their performance and even more, cause me financial losses and discontent with their service. What disgusts me was that the scammer is able to "ship" fedex packages for no price due to this issue in the Fedex model.

Monetary Loss: $878.

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to S0_Sad #615161

Well, don't you see the problem here? If you can't verify people's information, how do you know if the address is valid or not? Someone might as well fill someone's name and give it to someone across the continent, then the fee will be payed by the sender.

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