Very bad service from Fedex. Fedex didn't deliver on time stating I have an apt# on my address but my order receipt tells me otherwise.

Attempted to deliver the package but didnt leave it in my porch. They said they needed a signature. Called them to reroute at my work address. They didn't show up.

Got a message to pick up the package in Moline. I'm so pissed off!!! They should have told me the first time I called that they can't deliver at work. Why can't I just pick it up at Davenport locations.

I have to friggin drive 30 mins.

to Moline to pick it up. I'm so pissed right now.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #192086

may sounds like she is an ex-employee of fedex. besides this package had to be rerouted by the shipper


Sounds like Jay works for FedEx! He probably delivers for them which is why he knows so much.

The sad thing is, he can't even provide a relevant response. That shows what type of worthless zombie drivers this company has working for them. They try and turn everything around and blame it on the customer. This type of thinking is why your company will always be second behind reliable companies such as UPS or USPS.

maybe if you quit using up your time on here posting comments you could actually take the time to knock on someones door. Oh yeah, you want to hurry up so you can get home before 8 o clock so might have time to do more than a microwavable dinner and down a few drinks so you can deal with your job


You can't miss a delivery and then have them reroute it somewhere else the same day, and I guarantee they didn't tell you that they could. If you think they did, then you misunderstood, because no operator would tell you that.

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