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Fedex Sucks balls.On November 6, 2009, they were supposed to deliver a package to my apartment in the morning and failed to do so on time but that's not the bad part.

They in fact never delivered the package (which was a laptop) at all and I had to go to another county in my city (not close to public transportation) to pickup the package.

I literally wasted 3 hours of my day because of the incompetence of some driver who decided he didn't feel like doing his job today.If I owned my own business, I would never use Fedex as my carrier of choice AT ALL!

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This is because FedEx home delivery drivers are not employees - they are contracted.I found this out today because my package was not delivered either.

I was eventually told that FedEx has no authority over its home delivery drivers like UPS does.I won't use FedEx again.

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