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Fedex is the absolute worst shipper in the world. I live 1 1/2 miles from these idiots in Newburgh, NY and they can't even deliver my package in a timely manner.

Positively worthless. My package was put on the truck for delivery on 7/21/11 (not delivered) Then it was put on the truck for delivery 7/22/11 again not delivered. Now its put on the truck 7/23/11 for delivery next business day which is Monday because they don't deliver on the weekends. That means if it gets here on Monday that these jerks kept it for 5 days.

This has happened to me before with these Newburgh drivers whereby I had to go over fedex and ***. What the *** is wrong with Fedex Corporate that they don't staighten these losers out?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Glenrock, Wyoming, United States #663443
Fed-ex has now made an agreement with the postal service to deliver to the post office instead of the delivery address ... Meaning if they don't want to deliver to yur door they can take to the post office and a notice is place with your mail.

:( ....

If I wanted my packaged delivered to the post office I would use their address ... This practice is BS

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