Order a tablet online and had it ship standard 5-7 business day ground shipment. I live in the Bay Area of CA and the package was coming from Dallas TX.

Firstly, it took them somehow 2 weeks to go from Dallas TX to Los Angeles CA, which I'm fairly certain is only a couple day drive at most not 10 days ( and not including the weekend)! So finally, the package reached LA last Thursday 1/12/12 and the estimated delivery date then was for 1/16/12. I figured at least it's on the hone stretch and should reach me be the day the online tracker told me. Checked it today, not only is my package not here but the geniuses at FedEx sent it all the way to their Kent WA facility where then I come to find that it "was out for delivery" in Washington State for an address (which I confirmed) is solidly in California (WTF?).

It wasn't until they forwarded the package on to USPS was the mistake caught and the package returned to FedEx "to be rerouted to correct delivery address." After calling up a customer service representative to get the whole story and see if maybe I can get this package to me quicker she told me there was nothing they could do??? Really? The package is traveling via your own company and there is nothing you can do??? (WTF?) So then this rep tells me that the new delivery date is for tomorrow 1/17/12 but that it probably won't get delivered until a few days after that!

Again, Really???? They could be barely manage Dallas to LA in a 2 week time frame, and now they expect me to believe that somehow this package is going to go from way up in the Pacific Northwest down to the Bay Area in a day? Did I mention that over the 2 week period of watching it eek its way from TX to CA that the delivery date changed no less than 3 times?

Flat out, I will NEVER use FedEx again and will happily pay any one of their competitors (even if it costs more) for their services as long as they can meet the standards and time frames they state unlike FedEx. I think their new company slogan should be "FedEx, moving at the speed of FRUSTRATION!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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