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We've been having this problem with FedEx for some time now. A few months back my husband was sitting right next to the door because we were expecting a wine shipment (an adult has to be there to sign) when he heard a faint noise at the door.

It was the FedEx driver writing a note stating we were not at home. My husband asked him why he didn't ring the bell and the driver insisted he had but it wasn't working. My husband then rang the doorbell right in front of him to show him that it did indeed work. Then he asked the driver why he didn't knock if he thought the bell wasn't working.

The driver answered that people don't like them to knock, a pretty ridiculous answer. We called FedEx at that time and told them of the problem, but the same thing happened this morning. Once again, we were home waiting for the package but all we got was a slip on the door stating we weren't home.

Supposedly the driver is coming back tomorrow and supposedly he's been instructed to ring the doorbell and/or knock. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I think if a company is telling its customers that they deliver to a person's home, then they ought to make a serious effort to do so, and that means letting people know you're there.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Here it is almost 5 yrs later and nothing has changed. I had the same thing happen not once but 3 separate times! If a company wants to deliver via FedEX I just won't do business with them or FedEx.


I purposely stayed home all day, the doorbell never rang, but a notice was left on the door. This is the second that this has happened to be. It makes me want to avoid using FedEx in the future whenever possible.


Same experience!!! I am wondering if the drivers are paid by # of attempts. If they are paid either hourly or by # of successful deliveries, they should have tried their best to get a signature.God damn Fedex.

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Customer service goes to the toiler lately.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #899263

I am waiting at home all day for the package, presumably before 5.00 pm. No knocking or door bell ringing all day.

Check my computer at 5:04 wondering it was going to be delivered today. Then I found the delivery exception. The driver had supposedly came and gone at 4:59. If he or she had rung the door bell or knocked, I could not have missed it.

Called Fedex. Finally talked to an representative, he at fist insisted nothing could be done. Then asked me to wait.

He later told me he would request the drive to deliver the package again. But called after 20 minutes informing me the driver had gone home.


They do it and steal your stuff, that is there intention.Not Joking at all. I have had it happen to me so far like 4 times.

They are the worst company to deal with in this entire universe.

to Anonymous #1496501

I also have stuff stolen from me the FedEx people always drop it off on the floor in the hallway. Luckily I have neighbors that bring me the package a few times. I spoken to the manager in the post office and nothing has changed it seems that were playing Russian roulette when we send for things and expect our packages to be sent to us properly delivered to us

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