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I recently shipped 13 items to an art show in NY. As usual, all the packages were marked fragile in at least 5 places, all in plain sight from all angles. The crates were designed for each piece to be bolted in place, and constructed to shipping standards.

When the shipment was received, the wooden crates all showed evidence of rough handling, some punctures, shipping upside down, thrown around and walked on.

I seems that FedEx considers "Fragile" tags as a license to destroy at will.

I would advise anyone not to use FedEx for critical shipments, they no longer care about the needs of the customer.

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I had furniture shipped that was *structurally* damaged, and not just one piece. Does anyone realize how much force is needed to split 3/4" melamine?! FedEx Ground doesn't just accidentally damage shipments - this isn't just carlessness.

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