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This is going on as I type this... I order a lens Wednesday for a wedding on Saturday and pay for overnight shipping...no lens on Thursday. I call FedEx Thursday night and give them the tracking # and I'm told it will be there Friday...

I get to work at 9:00 Friday (private photo studio) and I wait, and wait, and wait. At 3:oo pm I check online and it says a delivery attempt was made at 11:00 but the business was closed. I go off and call FedEx ranting about a bad driver and they tell me they will get in touch with him and I'll receive a call back asap. It's all BS. I even offered to go meet him anywhere he happened to be.

There was no "delivery attempt" sticker on my door and my surveillance video showed no sign of a FedEx truck at all between 9:00 and 3:00. Still waiting for that "asap" call back (it's 5:00 now).

I think the driver didn't want to get caught in traffic as it's the Friday before Memorial Day or maybe he wanted to get home early. I'm sure I'm not the only victim either...

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #1201174

Same thing happen to me today.Tracking says customer or business not available.

I took a day off work to get my package and sign for it. It's the $850 Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Been at home all day. There is no doortag.

At 1:17pm tracking says customer not available. I'm so pissed. The fool probably tried to deliver to the wrong address. Customer service says I can go to the shipping center to pick it up at 6pm.

We'll see if it's there.

A simple job it is, drive to location shown on label, ring bell, repeat for next package.Idiots.

Spring, Texas, United States #937185

Had the same thing happen just today.Manager said he was gonna call the driver, but the driver never called the manager back.

Nice company guys.

This has happened to us maybe 3 times now. Its getting old. I think if the driver does not leave a sticker and a photo of him putting a sticker, there is no proof and they can just get away with it.

No reprimand I am sure.

They said they were here at 10:15am, which is funny, cause I didn't leave home til 11:30am, and my InLaws were downstairs with their nurse until well after 1pm, and they never left the downstairs all day. No knock, no doorbell, no sticker.

Fed Ex, whats the point?

Go with USPS, it may be slower sometimes, but you wont get a liar for a delivery driver.

to CaptainC Chicopee, Massachusetts, United States #937553

I'm all about USPS now with theIr flat rate services. The problem is not too many companies have that as a shipping option...

Houston, Texas, United States #718313

I was expecting a delivery on Saturday, stays shows package delivered but no package.My camera didn't even pick up anyone at me door or garage.

Come Monday, surprise surprise the package magically appears on my doorstep with the photo of the delivery driver captures on my security cam.FedEx, do you need proof because I have it?!?


These a$$oles lie...I am waiting for the express delivery package to be delivered and but no one showed up.

My door is open and I am keeping an eye on the street for the FedEx van...

Now when I track the package...it says delivery attempted and customer not available....WTF?



If u want to reach the people leaving the notices you can call Steve Gross 561-221-4522 he is in charge of handing out the notices. You may also want to contact GE as well.


FedEx has routinely faked dleivery attempts to my residence.


After trying all the delivery services for the ebay biz, I have found usps/u.s postal service to be the best.Still problems, but minimal.

These were shipping out items, as with receiving, 9 outa 10 times with the brown, and purples as well, deceiving drivers were often. Lazy is all they are, and if more folks would follow up on their deliveries, maybe these companies, would get on their self contracted drives.

Have a safe and happy yule.good luck getting your items/gifts.


This has happened to me, as well.I ordered a new cell phone to be delivered to my home the next day.

I paid extra for the shipping and was assured it would be there by 11AM. The next day, I made sure to stay at home to wait for the delivery, only going outside once to feed my horses - where I can easily see my driveway and would know if a truck came by. No one ever showed. I figured, initially, the driver must have gotten lost as I live in the middle of nowhere.

Then I went to my mailbox at the end of my driveway - which I cannot see from my house or anywhere on my property other than while standing in the driveway itself - and there was an attempt to deliver sticker there.

I called them, told them that no delivery attempt was made whatsoever, they assured they would tell the driver the next day to come to my front door rather than simply stopping at the end of my half a mile long driveway. The next day? The exact same thing happened. No one ever came down my road or even honked from the mailbox to see if someone was there.

They simply assumed no one was home because they couldn't see my car from the street.

Considering I park my car inside my garage, I'm not surprised they couldn't see it.

Long story short, I wound up having to go to the Fedex location nearly 30 miles away to get the package.When I use UPS I do not have these issues and will never make the mistake of using Fedex again.

Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa #298096

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