Hazleton, Indiana
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I've been expecting a $900 optic to be delivered by FedEx. They first listed the delivery date as 12/15, but then changed it to 12/16. On 12/16 they did not attempt delivery due to "weather" (it snowed 2.5" on 12/12). Today I've been home recovering from outpatient surgery...sitting in my living room waiting for the scope to be delivered. I have the yard lights, front porch light, and coach lights on. At 5:55 my neighbor stopped by to see how I was doing, as soon as the conversation was over I checked online and guess what....FedEx attempted delivery at 5:58pm (as I was standing in my front door talking to my neighbor)! They must be using invisible trucks since my front door ... uhm... faces the road.

I called to complain and was given a "case number", but who cares! I still don't have my $900 item that I paid for on 12/7!

Yesterday UPS made a delivery to the house. I NEVER use FedEx, and this is another example of why!

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