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Yesterday at 1:27pm I was behind my computer, which has a full view of the front of our house and the road that I share with my neighbors. Suddenly I was absolutely shocked to see a huge FedEx truck freaking *speeding* like I've never seen any delivery driver speed before. It was absolutely astonishing, partly because I live on a small street with heavy, heavy ped traffic with many families w/kids, joggers, bikers and a lot of wildlife live here, and partly because I still think it's very odd that this driver was able to drive at such a high rate of speed in such a short distance.

This type of behavior is absolutely abhorrent and irresponsible. Had there been anyone in the path of that truck, they would have had to have been ID'd by dental records. I have three children, one of them only 3. I'm sure glad he wasn't feeling adventurous enough to run out in the road yesterday!

I'm going to call my local police and see what they have to say.

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Don't contact the local office! I did and first person said there were two 'Jeffs' that work there...she pt me through to supervisor and she said they had no 'Jeffs'!

Call main number and say 'driver complain'. They will take info.



I just had the same on a narrow street with cars parked on both sides. I yelled at driver and he gave me a look.

I put my kid in the car, so wife could drive him to school, and then I look around and he had done a U turn and was blocking my driveway! I told him to move and he started wising off asking me what the speed limit is!

Little kids live all over here. Fedex and the fumes are a menace.


No, FedEx does NOT track all the trucks with GPS. Just call the 1-800 number, they'll connect you to your local terminal and there you just let the manager know about the situation.

Let them know your address - they'll know which truck does that area and they'll confront the driver then.

Sorry about that situation. That sucks.


Should I just contact the Customer Service Center? Their website doesn't have anything that I could see relative to making a complaint. Thanks!


cops can't do anything.. but fedex will if you let them know the street and time: all the trucks are tracked w GPS

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