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You people just looking how to hurt these poor people who working very hard to deliver you a package. They work hard to get their check and with over hundred packges a day there must be some mistakes or something but people like we are(humans) we just looking how to find a smallest mistake these poor drivers made and then call the office and made a huge complain.

This is sad, very sad. How would you feel if you are in their skin? Work in 100 F or snow and rain but package has to be delivered to you, to all of us.

Just stop complaining on these poor people who work so hard to make the money for food, pay their rent and live.

Instead complaining why dont we ask them if they need any help when we see them carry heavy package or do they need cold wather when they delivery in 100 F. If we do that instead complaining God may look over us too.

Just stop complaining people for every little thing. We all might start feeling better!!!!

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California, United States #886276

For starters, how about fedex starts to monitor some of their drivers and the really address the problems that exist, such as harassment claims, So far i have made several complaints and have not gotten help from the gardena, ca branch both express and ground. I have even gotten harassed in other countries by this company due to my claims, I thought you guys were a delivering company not a thuggish, don't-you-dare-file-complaints-on-us or we will harass you more corporation.

I mean how can I see some of the drivers from your company/ies positive when they act like thugs.

harassing, bullying, etc. And customer service doesn't even want/care to address that.You tell me?

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