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Dealing with FedEx has been an ongoing problem since I moved to Madison Wisconsin. Today I was expecting delivery of two packages via FedEx. I live on the third floor of a condo building (with an elevator) when I checked the status of the packages at the dot com it said they were delivered to my door. I checked outside my door and they were not there so I checked downstairs at the mailboxes and there are my 45 plus pound packages - and I don't have a dolly so I have to drag them to the elevator and then to my apartment. Why weren't they delivered to my door in the first place - the driver has a dolly why didn't he use it? This is just the latest in a series of screw ups by Fedex like

1) delivering frozen products and leaving them by my mailboxes although the fedex tracking info still said in transit - good thing I happened upon them.

2) Keeping my packages because the driver Said she could not get in the building for a Year straight - how is it that UPS always delivers?

3) Fedex calling me around 7am to check an apartment number, or claiming on Friday that FedEx does not work on Mondays so I would not be able to get my overdue package until next Tuesday (this was a person at the local distribution center in or near Madison, WI).

Until I moved to Madison I thought that FedEx was efficient, now I know they are just sloppy in some areas of the country. I had started avoiding companies who use FedEx last year but abandoned that idea after FedEx began to clean up their act over the holidays. Now I will go back to avoiding companies who use FedEx.

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Denton, Texas, United States #609559

1. Sometimes we have dollies. Something the wheels are flat or they are broken. Your right tho, your driver should have not left them outside the door anyways because you live in an apartment and we are suppose to receive a signature for apartments deliveries.

2.You shouldn't send frozen things through FedEx Ground or Home Delivery and if you do it needs to be packed with enough dry ice to last 7 days in 110 degree weather.

3. If you apartment has a gate with a code, you should put in the notes what the code is or call FedEx and let them know.

4. Drivers start they're roughs around 7 am so why are you complaining? Q&A normally makes calls between 8:30 pm and 7:00 am so again why are you complaining? Oh and they wouldn't call you if your apt number was on the box.

5. FedEx Ground works Mondays but FedEx Home Delivery does not so they didn't lie to you.

My last point.

Its a hard job. In Texas were I am. We deliver in 110 degree weather and below freezing weather.

We don't have a/c or heaters that work and if we are lucky and we do, you can every warm or cool the truck it just kinda blows on you for a few mins before your next stop.

We work long days and it physical labor. We sometimes work 16 hr. days and we have to be able to deliver 150 lbs. boxes with not help.

Cut us a brake and try no to make your delivery drivers life a living ***


we don't have dolly's IT was delivered to a front dr..IF I get hurt inside i lose my job then i sue the buildings owner tough luck don't order anything you can't get yourself!!! it's just junk ANYWAY :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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