This is not the first time this has happened with FedEx drivers blocking people in.

This happened on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 around 10 AM, give or take. Stopped at the Starbucks in Staunton, VA (there's only one that I know of, and it's off exit 222 from I-81). As I was getting ready to pull out of the parking space, a Fed Ex truck pulled in right behind me. The truck blocked me and other people in. Made a very brief search for the driver to tell him/her to move. No luck. I somehow managed to wiggle out of the parking space, but the guy next to me was not so lucky. Called the local police, told them the situation, they said they would send someone out. I had to leave, so I don't know what happened next. The truck's number was 93828, positive verification.

Fed Ex does not have an email address for filing a complaint for these types of situations that is readily available on its website. If it exists at all, I don't know about it, and I refuse to dig and dig for something that is supposed to be readily available. Anyway I called FedEx number on Thursday, October 13, 2011 about 1PM to complain. Told them the situation, gave them all the information. I asked them to pass the information on to their CEO, or to the proper manager, since it's an important issue. The woman on the other end asked me what kind of FedEx truck it was (Ground Delivery, etc.), and I said I didn't know, that I didn't recall the information, but that I had the truck number, which I gave her. She said she was sorry, she couldn't look up that information to see who was driving the truck. I said, that's okay, just pass the information on to a manager or someone who has access to the information, they can look up the truck number, see that it was in this city at this time on this date, and go from there. It's a slam dunk. She said I'm sorry, that the company (not just her, but the company) doesn't have access to that information, and they cannot (get this) look up a truck just by its number. She actually said that the company did not have the apparatus to do this. And all I was doing was asking her to forward the information to the proper individuals in order to address the matter with the driver. Then they wanted my name, I refused to give it to them, saying that the information I'd given them was enough. Just pass on the information to the proper individual. She said she couldn't do this. No mistake on this, she actually said it.

How does this happen? How is it that FedEx can't look up a truck and its driver and its route just by keying in the truck number? That should be a slam dunk and no one should have to look for or memorize anything else. This is a serious issue. Blocking in other vehicles is illegal. What if there had been an emergency and someone needed to get out? Even if there was no emergency, they are still blocking someone, that's trapping someone. That's highly illegal, and should be. So I think it's a fair question to ask, is FedEx trying to avert responsibility on this sort of thing? Here it is, here's the message. Attn: FedEx, tell your drivers not to block other people in! Thank you.

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How about pulling behind the Starbucks like all delivery trucks. Get a clue


Your a ***.. where the *** is the fedex guy supposed to park to make a delivery..the guy is working..all your doing is getting some *** coffee you yuppie ***..have you seen the parking lot in starbucks...hmmmm nowhere to put a big fedex truck besides pulling up behind everyone...quiturbitchin

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