I ordered some makeup from Eve Pearl the cost 127.00 it was shipped I got a tracking I tracked until it had so called been delivered to my front door But it wasnt it has now been over 24 hours since I gave them all the proof they needed and still have gotten no where what is wrong with the drivers why do they lie and say they dropped it at my front door when they didnt. I was home all day i have 2 dogs and was waiting for them they never even drove by my house let alone drop my package at my Friggin door

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If you need to call them, there is a toll free number. It's great that honest people still exist.

If it's only been 24 hours, they do still have to go through the claim process. They will try to find the package. Lots of people also try to get claims when it's not true.

Not saying that to this tho! Hopefully your package arrives quickly, or you get a refund!


Chances are they delivered it to the wrong address. I have had this happen with FedEx more times than I care to mention, except I'm the one who did not order the items, and they were wrongly delivered to my door.

They are always to the same household which is several miles from my home. The first time it took 5 phone calls and over a month to get them to pick up the package. It also cost ME the long distance charges to call them!

Keep calling them, and contact the company who sent you the package.

Hopefully whoever received the package by mistake will be honest, as I was, and call so your package can be picked up and delivered to your door.

Good Luck!

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