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We ordered a treadclimber & it was delivered by fedex to the front yard. The driver did not even knock on the door, as I have 2 pomeranians who have a fit when someone knocks. When I complained, they refused to return and help. My husband & I are up in years and cannot get the machine into the house.I will never use fedex again. If I have the option, I will request delivery by usps or ups. These people are rude and incompetent. To top all of this off, I have been informed that if we return the machine, we are responsible for the return shipping. XXVDHUTY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Vetgrandma, sorry to hear about your issues. It's true that FedEx does not generally deliver a package *inside* a house, but the least they could have done was knock on your door and deliver the treadmill to your door, not your yard. But, as you can see from the two nasty comments that appeared here before mine, the attitude of FedEx drivers stinks (which might be the result of working for nasty managers, but that's still no excuse for the outright hostility they display for their customers who are, you know, paying their wages.) Hope you manage to get the treadmill up and running!


Fed exer is right, since when did FedEx drivers become delivery and set up men. I refuse to go into anyone's house, this is only a setup for lawsuits, etc.

You order something heavy, be prepared to move it where you want it. We deliver to the house, not bedrooms and kitchens.

99% is the complainers have no idea the stress and hard work involved in delivering packages to large areas. Mistakes are made just like any other business.


Sorry we are not moving men.. you ordered it you move it.. If you can't don't buy ..

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