I have waited for my package to be delivered by their website tracking on 3/24/2021. Now seeing it stuck in Kent, WA &;;; hasn't moved since.

Today is 3/27/21 called the Fedex rep. & Fedex Smartpost rep. both stated that my package has been delivered. I pointed to both on their website I'm seeing it stuck in Kent, WA; both Fedex reps.

quickly changed their stories & blamed the USPS saying "your package has been picked up by theUSPS on 3/24/21. "

When I told them it is odd that information was sent to USPS by Fedex not my package.

They both quickly made excuses then gave me the phone number for the each others Fedex departments. When I told them I already talked to them they quickly spouted the USPS phone number & said a bye & quickly hung up on me.

User's recommendation: Never ever use Fedex & warn other companies don't use Fedex to deliver package to you.

Location: Fall City, Washington

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