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Waiting in line me and my pregnant wife stood by listening to the employee (Tom) who refused to give his last name complain angrily about being moved to this location from another branch that was closed permanently. After convincing her to buy additional packing peanuts and wrap for her shipment he picked up our box shook it violently and mentioned that he could almost hear something moving inside.

He then said packages need to pass the push test and put his palm on the package top and pressed hard. When the tape held he decided to repeatedly punch the package. This aggression upset my pregnant wife who wanted to leave. After being unsuccessful at proving his point he refused to accept the package and in angry tone demanded that we either buy peanuts for further stuffing the box he had now partially damaged or take it back.

We left, packed it up with more wrapping and shipped it at the same location while he hid in the back asking a Female employee to come and accept it. I am hoping that his employee is sent for anger management or trained better. Stiff refused to give his last name and said this was policy. I hope your policy is not to punch packages as they are shipped.

I did the right thing and complained to the local office and your twitter account. Both these have gone without any reply.

I will be following up with the chamber.

I ship nearly 50 - 100 packages a year and typically print out labels at home and drop them off at the nearest Fedex staffed office. This was during one of these dropoffs in Monroe Ave, Rochester NY.

  • agressive employee
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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780586

You know, its ok to make mistakes once in a while with the size of that company. but there 1400+ complaints here about CUSTOMER SERVICE. these people are lacking in that area with all the money they take from us, the S O B's need to at least be courteous and that tells you who runs FEDEX is just a bunch of truck drivers with all respect to truck drivers..they know how to drive trucks and they are paid for that but these guys are paid millions to drive a company that is making money anyway cause we all assume its the only American company or delivery company for international and domestic..when we start using DHL and other then they will start to hurt and pay attention to CUSTOMER SERVICE

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #775465

You let this abuse go on right in front of you? Are you a man or a wuss? Next time grow a pair and stand up for yourself, and your wife.

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