I am a FedEx delivery guy and I have my own issues with FedEx but my biggest complaint with the customer is you don't put a number on your house or mailbox and I'm expected to find you. We don't have GPS, we use street maps.

After knocking on doors and finally find you your response is "everybody knows where I live". Well, I don't. With an average of 80 stops per day and a 250 mile area to cover I don't have time to canvas the neighborhood. Think twice before ordering that 130lb portable garage because we only have one person per truck and you leave a note to have it put around the back of the house.

I can barely drag it off the truck into your driveway.

I am always courteous to my customers and I give biscuits to your dogs that you let run free in your yard to snarl and snap at delivery drivers. Thanks for listening and have a nice day!

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