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My friend from Mexico sent me a package for my birthday. A couple of days after my birthday he messaged me and asked if I had received a package. I said I had not. He then stated that it had shown that it had been delivered and signed for.

My friend then called Fedex and tried to sort it out.

Fedex then called me and did not apologize. They said they would send a driver out to try and collect the package and deliver it sometime that day. I waited then received a call from Fedex saying that they needed to wait for the original driver to come back to work, because the 2nd driver said the address didn't exist. Finally the original driver shows up to my door with the package. Apologizes, but kind of laughs. He had delivered it to a business because he read the address as 5237 instead of 5277, but it was written and typed as 5277. Also 5237 doesn't exist. I live in a house that is clearly labelled. I don't understand how that happened.

A couple weeks later I receive a bill for 14.95 from Fedex, now I am even more pissed that they want me to pay after they made a huge mistake.

I think it is safe to say that neither my friend or I will trust to send with Fedex again.

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